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I’m going to do a quick promotion here, for all our different social media sites, starting with Dark Mare Pictures.

dark mare 1

We have a website, which we are pretty proud of;

We have a twitter; @Dark_Mare

An Instagram; @dark.mare

Or look us up on face book;

Dark Mare is on Linkedin as well.

For personal contact, we have this email; 

All our social media pages are updated regularly and we do our best to only upload quality pictures. Occasionally something of less high standard may slip by for the sake of amusement, but we do take our jobs as film makers seriously and the “perfect picture” is very important to us.


As for me, I’m usually the one who gets to post all the silliness on my personal accounts. So, I’m going to leave my own social media stuff here as well.


First off, I have a twitter too, that I spend a LOT of time on, so be warned. It’s Supernatural, My Little Pony and random silliness and shipping, mostly. Some of it may even be considered inappropriate once in a while, in polite society, so don’t go looking me up unless you are up for that.


I have an Instagram and I kind of love showing off my horses there, and my My Little Ponies, and behind the scenes shots from Dark Mare, among other things;


Yes, I am very creative when it comes to usernames… starting to see a pattern? I do use both platforms to talk about my writing as well, so don’t worry, its not all fun and games. Not all.

I’m on Tumblr, but I have no idea how to use that site, so I’m mostly just reblogging My Little Pony, Supernatural and Gishwhes stuff… I’m sure I’ll figure it our eventually. I’m actually not the starstone in there.


Is my username. Imagine that. Way to establish a pattern and bam, break it! ‘Tis that I do.

I have an alternate blog here on WordPress, dedicated to My Little Pony, mostly;

I have a spotlight on Lulu, where all my paperbacks are published;

I am a verified author on Goodreads, so look up Veronica Merlin in there as well.

I’m on Linkedin, but I will admit that that account gets neglected a bit. I’m Veronica Merlin in there though.

And of course, for personal contact, an email;

Saber Still - 01d

Okay. That’s it. Thanks for playing 🙂 And well met 🙂 Where ever you find us/me.

*Edit. Ha. I totally forgot. I’m on face book too. Here goes. 😋😂


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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