Welcome Home

My scooter was stolen 14 days ago exactly, from a private driveway. It happens all the time, in Denmark. So much so that the police just have an online form you fill out and submit, so they need spare as little manpower on it as possible, when you report it.

For me, it was a huge loss. Mostly financial, because replacing her was impossibly expensive for me, but on a more personal level, she was not just a scooter to me. She was my freedom, my chance to get around without relying on others. She was my transportation back and forth to my stable every single day of the year. We had been through a tough winter together, rain, flooded roads, darkness, you name it, she fought for me. She was such a brave little engine. I adored her.

Having someone steal her and not treat her as kindly as she deserved, has been hard for me to deal with, even if I know that it is “just” a machine. To me, she was much more.

I got a call from the police today. They had found her. And they wanted me to pick her up instantly. Needless to say, I jumped on the first bus I could grab and went to go get my girl home, terrified of what had been done to her.

The bus driver was awesome. I had no idea where the police station was. Yeah, set me lose in any forest on this island and I’ll know my way around, but the city? I can find the toy stores? You know, for My Little Pony hunting? But aside from that… I’m lost.

The bus driver saw me with my helmet, (my new helmet, cause the old one was stolen along with the scooter,) and asked where the motorbike was. So I told him, and he proceeded to tell me of his friend who had an ATV stolen, and ruined in a week, before they found it again, by posting pictures of it on Face Book. He even showed me the pictures. I was trying not to freak out over him, driving and looking up pictures on Face Book on his smart phone, and to be honest, he was not calming my nerves much, about the shape of my Baby.

Arriving at the station, there was a guy lying on the sidewalk right outside the front door, and a few people standing by him, calling for an ambulance. I have to admit, I asked the police officer who came to greet me, if we – he – needed to help out with that, whatever that was, because you know, I could wait?

Clearly, that happens all the time too, in the city and it is not something the police bother with, if they can help it… Alrighty then…

Anyway, it was a pretty sad sight, seeing my girl again. First, let’s remember what she looked like;


Okay, she was new here. After a year with me, she was much more dirty. This was taken when she had a flat and was at the shop.


Aside from the mud, she was in really good shape. I took care of her like a baby. As much as I expected her to fight for me, and get me to the stable every day, I did everything I could to enable her.

This was what I found at the Police station.


Mirrors gone. But I knew that. I found one of them the day after she was stolen, thrown at the side of the road. The hole in her air filter box, that I had an appointment with the shop to have fixed a few days after she was stolen, has been taped over. All her locks broken, all plastic shattered, the electric system ruined, the lights off, and a “turn off” button has been installed. It looks very professional to me.

On the plus side, the engine seems unharmed, and the steering is undamaged, so she is not broken beyond repair, but she is very badly injured. And the licence plates are gone, of course.

Because I had just had her at the shop for service before she was stolen, and because of the hole in the air filter box, which meant that she had a new appointment, I had left all her paperwork inside the scooter. I know. I am a moron. I have been kicking myself over that for weeks…

The funny thing is, her plates has been removed and her frame-number removed, making her darn near untraceable, except… All her paperwork was still inside the scooter, where I left it, which made it impossibly easy for the police to find me. I probably wouldn’t have got her back if I had not left it inside her, and if the thieves, who went through such trouble deleting her identity, had bothered just burning that paper…

Details, my dear Watson… Details…


I have to say, driving her home, without lights, without indicators and mirrors, through mid-city, was a rather unpleasant experience but it was made better by the fact that she is home now. My baby is home. And I have three chains on her, bolting her down, until I can hand her over to a friend of mine.

Yeah, I know nothing of scooters, and I could easily foresee how it would be a huge bill to have her fixed if I took her to a shop. Luckily I know someone who likes to fix things and he instantly agreed to look at her, so I am driving her to his place by the end of the week. Hopefully he can get her back on track, and legal again. Other wise I don’t think I’ll bother to register new plates for her. But we’ll see.


The police found her, because the girl driving her was driving without a helmet, while texting and high on drugs. She probably did not steal it. She just bought it, knowing full well that it was stolen. There is no mistaking that. There is no way that she did not know.

I would have liked for the police to get the one who actually stole her and altered her electric system, and damaged her. But that is highly unlikely, since the girl is not talking.

As for the girl, I am not pressing charges. I am not even angry. I am heartbroken that this happened to my Baby, and I am financially completely ruined, with having to replace her, and now, restore her, but I have no need for vengeance. To be honest, this girl sounds like she needs help, much more than to stand trial.

So, yeah, how to ruin a scooter in 14 days… A+ to the thieves. But at least she is home again. Hopefully they won’t come for her until I can have her moved to my friends place. I know I’ll be sleeping with one eye open the next few days… Right next to my window… Listening for every sound outside… With my baseball bat…

Okay, I’m a little angry. But mostly just defensive of my poor girl. She deserved better. I should have prevented this. I should have kept her safe. I just got a second chance to do that. I swear, I never thought she’d come home again.

But for now, she has. Most of her, anyway.

And I am trying not to take offence to how they cleaned her up. Come on, even the thieves think that she was too muddy? Clearly, they don’t have horses…

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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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4 Responses to Welcome Home

  1. jen says:

    Okay, the last part made me giggle – the one about the thieves cleaning her because she was too muddy. They stole her, stripped her, and sold her, but the mud was where they drew the line! And the bus driver on his smart phone in traffic…yikes!

  2. alrharris says:

    So glad she’s safe at home being looked after again. Honestly, some people … If they just showed a little more love …

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