Alpha and Omega, the Supernatural Season 11 Finale, described in cat pictures, which is very true to the SPN fandom… Okay here we go.

“Carry on my Wayward Son is playing.” This is going to be heartbreaking. Traumatizing. Oh, Chuck, why am I doing this to myself?


Wait, a soul bomb? How is that clever? And make up your minds, please, if it is going to work or not, before you agree to sacrifice thousands of souls, including Dean. And, why is Sam not arguing? Or Cas? I mean, they let the Darkness out of her prison, knowing full well that they were doing it, not caring, because they wanted to save Dean from the mark of Cain. Sacrificing him now, without argument or objection, doesn’t that kind of make the entire season 11 … pointless? Like, it could have been not written at all? They could have just left Dean with the mark then, if they didn’t care about killing him after all?

Oh, and I thought there was no coming back from the veil. That has kinda been the threat this entire season, hasn’t it?

Also, I am not sure how Sam and Dean collecting a few thousand souls made a difference. It sure burned minutes of screen time, and could have been left out easily.

What did I miss?


Points to Crowley and Rowena though. They were awesome. And the scene with Rowena and Chuck was brilliant. “Kids.” Poor Crowley.


Okay, how many times has Dean been drunk-driving in this season? How is that acceptable in any way? Just wondering…

And why was Cas with him? And why did that scene have to be in a car? They didn’t even get to bring home beer, which was what they went driving to get. That scene could have just as well been in a corner of the bunker. It was hurried and shallow enough for that too.

I mean, by usual SPN standards, this would have been a horrible moment, where Dean would have been upset with Cas for saying yes to Lucifer, and Cas would have had to explain why he did it. Dean would have been hurt badly, to hear Cas say that he thought he was expendable, you know, that Sam and Dean did not need him. Loads of emotional trauma and tears, especially for the viewer.

This scene though, not so much. Dean knew just what to say, it was almost like he read the script. “You do help. You are family. You are our brother.” Oh, wow, just what he should have told Cas a billion seasons ago, but he chose to understand it now? Why? How? That made it feel like Dean already knew Cas felt that way, and kinda did not care. He might as well have said, “Glad you are back. Sorry you felt useless. Moving on.”


*Side note. Bro-zoning Cas to kill Destiel will never work with this fandom. First off, most of us don’t care about the whole “brother” thing, *cough* Wincest *cough* and second, I am already seeing people read it as the greatest declaration of love Dean knows how to give. So…


Alright, back to the cat. This was too easy. I apologize.

Let’s jump to another ship. Dean/Amara.

It just… went nowhere? An entire season of Amara telling Dean that they were connected, that they shared a bond, and Dean fighting it, and it just… went away?
I always liked the idea of that story line, to be honest. For once, it was a way to hurt Dean without killing Sam, or Cas, or himself. It was a perfect way to create friction between Sam and Dean as well, not to mention the personal issues for Dean. As cruel and non con as it was, it was new, and something Dean could not fight by pointing a gun at it.

Watching the last few episodes, I got a strong impression that the writers/ show runners/ producers/ whatever, had realized that the fans HATED it and.. went back on it?

Imagine that. Imagine if Sam had not said yes to Lucifer in the end of season 5, because the fans did not want it… that is hardly a way to write a story, is it?
And I am being unfair. I have no idea that this is what happened. But it sure felt that way.


The new girl. Let’s talk about the new girl. I forget her name. Let’s call her London, ’cause that’s where she was from.

She was introduced in a sensitive story line, and came in swinging, like a cow on ice. No offence. Everyone hates her already. She never had a chance. Which may or may not be a shame, depending on what the plans are for her character.

But, introducing her in the season FINALE, letting her have SO much screen time, without ANY impact to the story line, that is pretty unacceptable.

Her parts completely defused the intensity and the drama of the story. One moment we were all epic, wrapping up GOD and his SISTER, sacrificing Dean again, and the next, we were in England, drinking tea with some girl we did not know and did not care to know at that particular moment, AT ALL.

Already, the fans are crossing their fingers that she will be a love interest of Sam’s… That ought to kill her off quickly…


Last but not least, the cliffhanger. The build up to season 12.

Well. Mostly it felt like the writers had thought they were ending the show, and all of a sudden they were like, “Crap, we got pick up for season 12! Quick, someone point a gun at Sam and… I don’t know! *panic!* Bring back Mary!”

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I despise happy endings, I am glad that nobody died this time. I am even happy enough that Chuck and Amara got to find each other and go away together. Rainbows and unicorns all around. Okay. I can support that, I really can.

But come on, shooting Sam? As a cliffhanger?

Lemme see… Last time Sam got shot, which isn’t that long ago, he nearly bleed to death, and still managed to get out of the woods by himself, drive the car to the city, without bleeding all over the seats, kill two werewolves and save Dean’s ass. Oh, we are sooooo worried now….


But Dean, little Dean, who is almost 40, needs his mother, most of all? Really?

What about… Adam? We are not saving him? Dean doesn’t feel bad about him? I mean, little brother, still in hell guys…?

His mother?

He can’t have a boyfriend, but he can need his mother? Uhm… I’m just not following that at all…

I mean, sure, Dean always missed his mom. That is kind of the whole premises for the show. If Mary had not burned when they were kids, they would have not grown up to be hunters. There would have been no show, if she had not died.

Some of the most heartbreaking moments of the seasons has been when Dean has met her, either in heaven or when they have traveled back in time. It has been beautiful. And there has been nothing he could do to save her, because that would have rewritten their lives and erased every episode. They even made that very clear, in that one episode with the djinn.

So, aside from sacrificing Dean and making this whole season redundant, they are now… Bringing back Mary, making the entire 11 seasons redundant? Oh, yes. That is a cliffhanger. One of those I will fear all summer. This could destroy the show, even more than the last three episodes already has.


I love this show. I love the characters. I am so sorry that it is so not working for me. I have been miserable all day, almost physically in pain, because I hate to see something as beautiful as SPN, fall apart like this. For me, the character assassination Sam went through in the last three episodes, is killing this show more than anything else.

I love Castiel, I totally ship Destiel, but if Sam is not fighting for Dean, there is no show. This is Sam and Deans show. That is why I am watching it. That is what was so brilliant about it. I need them to never be ready, willing and able to give up each others lives. I need them to fight, like they used to. For each other, first of all.


Oh, and for season 12, please don’t forget the Samulet. Even if God is gone again, Sam still had it in his pocket, after Chuck knows how many seasons. Don’t let it disappear. Bringing it back was huge. Let it be huge. Don’t let it fade. Don’t let Sam fade. Please.

Yeah, I’m still looking forward to season 12, with new writers and new show runners… No offence to the old ones, I was as heartbroken as the next guy to see Robbie leave. His last episode rocked, by the way…

But maybe it is time for a change. New eyes. Something. Anything.

Anything that will make sense again, because this season has so many inconsistencies, contradictions and story lines that just faded to nothing, so many schizophrenic characters that responds conveniently at all times, that it is making it very hard for me to keep excusing it.

No matter how much I want to. And I really, really want to.

1k my edits supernatural Charlie Bradbury spnedit

Oh, yeah. If Sam had been willing to kill off Dean in season 10, Charlie would not have died… Imagine that…

I’ll go away now. At least My Little Pony still rocks. I’ll hang on to how brilliant, well written and produced that show is, all summer, while I keep my fingers crossed for SPN season 12.



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