The Legacy – Rockstar – Coming Soon

I guess there is no way around it. The first book in the Legacy Series, Rockstar,  is going to be out soon. I hesitate to set a specific date so far, but hopefully around the first of June.

For now, I’ll introduce my preliminary cover.

IMG_1935 FRONT PINKsmall

And the back side.

IMG_1935back final

Rockstar is the first book in The Legacy series and it has it all;

music, space pirates, magic, love and loss. It blends modern

pop culture, social media and science fantasy in a new and

refreshing way.

Picking up almost a century after the Starstone Series ended,

the Legacy Series sees the return of some of the major

characters, although it can be read independently. 

I hate writing the synopsis for the back cover. It always feels like you’ve just run a marathon, writing the book, editing it, designing the cover, coming up with the idea for it and making it happen, you know, all of it, and then, when you think you are done, bam! Describe your book in three lines.

Well, if I could tell this story in three lines, why would I have written 400 pages?

And then, once you got it all worked out, you have to remember the ISBN number on the back, which you don’t get to place yourself and no matter how much you try and take it into account when you design your cover, it’s always messing something up.

Anyway. I am actually pretty happy with these covers. I wanted to do something completely different from the Starstone Series. Something that set the Legacy apart and made it clear that this was not the same. At all.

The Legacy is science fantasy, leaving the classic fantasy of the Starstone behind, taking off into space, opening the universe in a whole new way, even if it brings along some of the old characters.

I know. The boyfriend has been giving me a hard time for that. “Let it go. Write something new. Kill your darlings.” You know the drill. As much as I am all for killing my darlings, I couldn’t leave the Starstone the way it ended. I was so lonely without the characters in my head, I had to let them back in and let them tell me what happened next.

So here we are. The Legacy Series, ready to take off. Almost. Stay tuned.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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