Alright, enough with the book promoting, right? Time to show off Tardis!


I know, we still wear a bridle. I gotta say, between her explosive temper and me being a coward, that’s what we do for now. Don’t get me wrong, I adore this pony, I ride around on her with a dumb grin on my face all the time, because she is so awesome, but I really do need the rein as a lifeline, for now.


And yes, she is still fat. We are working on that too.

Okay, equestrian you-are-never-good-enough excuses over, let’s start. (I’m fat too, I know. I’m working on that too.)

Tardis and I started “jumping” recently. Mostly, I am still trying to figure out how to find “canter” with her, which is a problem I have never encountered before. Every other horse I have ever ridden would easily jump into a canter, if I just pushed it a little with my inside leg and backed it off on my outside rein. Tardis, however, instantly slams the breaks, when I touch her with my legs, so… Yes, we are riding without me touching her.


Having had Poseidon for 15 years, I know how to not use your lower legs. (That may be why we still need the bridle… Although I could ride him without that too, sorta…)


He would explode and run off if I touched him. Tarids, just stops.

“No. Don’t you dare. I’m not playing, if you are using your legs.” Pony one-o-one on how to train your human.

So I figured that jumping might kickstart out canter. Mostly, it hasn’t. She is very good at judging height. She can trot across that tree without jumping. You know, the same tree Saleem jumps like this;


Tardis is finding it amusing, but not challenging.




I actually like it that she is unimpressed. That is a pony with talent and overview. And this is awesome back and shoulder training for her.


Jeeeeze, I need to learn to look up and forward again. Seeing these pictures, I am kicking myself. Never look down at the obstacle. It’s not gonna move, ya know. Always look forward… I think that was one of the very first things I ever learned in the equestrian world… Anyway, I love that shot of her. I could photoshop the tree out and it would be a perfect piaffe on a lose rein 😋 God, that pony is a star…



Seriously, look up, V…

You might notice that I am leaning forward a little too much in most of the shots, considering that she is trotting, not jumping?

It’s because she is volatile. I never know if she is going to explode and do this;


Because sometimes its just the fun thing to do, you know?

And if she does over jump, I don’t want to lock her back or hang on the rein, so I am kinda prepared for it, at all times.


You’ll notice my right hand in her mane across the obstacle as well. I never want to end up hanging in the rein (punishing her) if she gets over excited and I lose my balance. Another thing Poseidon taught me. He would get so upset if I accidentally held my balance on the rein in a moment where he was having fun. It has stuck with me.


Aside from riding, Tardis and I go on runs on the road a lot. Both of us running. I can easily disclose that it is harder on me, than it is on her.


She is Arabian, after all. I’m just a puny little Viking. I really don’t do well in heat.


She is really amazing though. So brave and so easy to walk with. Most days.

Some days she explode and spends ten minutes rearing on her hind legs, in a nearby crop field for no particular reason, but even then, she never pulls on the rope. And when we come across spooky stuff, she examines it, rather than spook over it.


Curiosity is everything in a horse. As long as she has that, the world is open to her. As long as she is more curious than afraid, we can do anything.

If anyone was wondering about her tail, she lost it to a skin infection last summer. She just turned 7, so I am not riding a baby, even if I am aware that she is still growing. I am not in a hurry to break in my horses.

Her son is almost taller than her now. And always helping us with our training.


And she has even started playing with Apocalipse now.


I really wanted her to play with the others. This, more than anything, is making me totally happy.


Last, but not least, Tardis and her son.


Its getting harder and harder to tell them apart. Tardis is the one with the short tail, even if that doesn’t make any sense at all 😋

They are both wonderful, and I can’t believe that I am so blessed that I get to have them in my life. I have no idea what I’d do without either of them.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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