Forever Foals

It is burning hot in Denmark at the moment. I remember when Apocalipse was born, 6 years ago, and we were sleeping in a tent on the pasture, all of July. It was freezing then. Now, not so much. Welcome to global warming… Flashback photo;


Anyway, I’m not getting much riding done in the heat. As much as the horses doesn’t really care, I do. But I will show off my two forever foals anyway.

Ablaze, the one I am never letting grow up;



I will never stop being in awe of how pure this horse is. How happily he plays with me. How willing and open his mind is.


How focused he is, on his little human.


Nope, never letting him grow up, or change. He is simply perfect. Shameless adoration, I know. But look at that face…


My other forever foal, is kinda sneak growing up on me. Apocalipse is turning 6 next month. He was very touchy all winter, and impossible to touch at all, so it has taken quite a bit of prep-work to get me back on his back.

I never really broke him in, because I kinda stopped riding for a year, right after I had crawled up there the first few times, so this was a do over on my part, made harder by his touchyness.


Apocalipse gets that from his dad. Once in a while, they both have a month or two where their skin seems impossibly sensitive and I can’t groom them or touch them or even think about it. I do remember my two red boys, Poseidon and Apollon. They were like that too. Saleem (his dad) is red too. Only Apocalipse is brown, but to be fair, he does have his fathers coat, so all in all, I am going to count it as something slightly genetic. Either way, I usually respect it.

I spent 13 years with Apollon, standing my ground every single day, claiming my right to groom him, and he hated me with a vengeance, half of those years. I am done standing my ground. If Apocalipse needs to not be touched once in a while, be it a week or a month or half the winter, so be it. I prefer him to be happy.


We are not that good at riding yet. Mostly we just go in circles, where ever he wants to go. He understands “stop” “forward” and “turn” but much like his mother, his memory is very selective. Some days, everything is working perfectly and some days, nothing really works at all. The main goal for me, this summer, is to have him comfortable with me sitting up there, touching him with my legs once in a while. I want nothing else from his this year.


So far, he is actually applying himself and trying. It is always hard with Apocalipse, because his willingness to work with humans is not like Ablaze’s. Apocalipse only works with me, if he finds it interesting, or challenging,  (but not too challenging,) or funny. Engaging him is, much like his mother, the hardest part in working with him.


He is asking me though, for guidance. That is huge. Apocalipse was ever always so self-assured, I never thought I’d see the day where he would let me guide him.


And he is very happy when he does things right. Remember this foal?



He hasn’t changed a bit.


That attitude is just priceless. “I’m the king of the world!” Well, of my world, he is. So I guess he is right.


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