I’m A Writer

I had way too much fun doing the pictures and making the blog post about the creative process of writing, so I figured I’d follow it up with a post about being a writer.

Link to The Creative Process;


As a writer, I am never really alone. There is always all these characters shouting at me in my head, tugging at me, telling me where to take the story. I am caught in the middle, trying to hear them all and give them the time they deserve. This is what I look like from the outside.


Welcome to my head.


They aren’t there all the time, all of them. Mostly its just a select few who follow me wherever I go. Those, I guess, are my closest friends. I love hearing their stories.


Even if they sometimes start to fact – check me. Reminding me of what the story started out as, and where it was supposed to go. These days, while I changed from writing Fantasy, into Science Fantasy, they even started using smartphones and Google against me.

I gotta say, it is still the wizards that truly scare me.


As much as I love my characters, just as much do I fear them, because I know exactly what they are capable off. I lost control of them a long time ago, they very much have their own life and I am just the hands that writes down the story.

I can’t make all of them happy, all of the time. Since they are all talking to me, doing their own things, it is my job to gather up all the threads and turn them into a tapestry. I will admit that I easily turn my back on most of my characters, if I have too, except for the wizards.


They are usually the ones who are slowest to anger. The ones who try and reason with me the most. Also, they are the ones who make or break my world. I do stand up to them, though. But it is never without cost.


Okay, so “stand up” maybe over selling it. I do hide sometimes and sneak – write the story behind their backs…

They usually ignore me, all of them, when I’ve had to do that.


I guess that is how it is with most relationships. As close as you are one moment, as distant can you end up being in a heartbeat.

And sometimes, someone dies, and we all pause for a moment. I really do stop writing for a while, whenever I lose a character. Take the time to listen to those left behind, and feel their pain.


Life goes on though. I find myself smiling on behalf of my characters a lot, impressed with their ability to bounce back, no matter what I… I mean, what the story throws at them.


They are never above intriguing and plotting behind each others (and my)  back(s). Sometimes I defend them. Mostly, I don’t.


Once in a while, I do try to ignore them. Whenever they feel my focus slipping, they jump through hoops to get my attention again. But Twitter is just so darn distracting…


As schizophrenic as this may sound, I love being a writer. I love the chaos in my head.


I love the power of the written word. I love watching the story shape up. I love following my characters, or I should say, my friends and family. I love watching them grow up and come into their own. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

By the end of the day, when we are done fighting, or scheming, controlling, or ignoring one another, the hours we spend together, smiling, by far outweighs everything else.


So in conclusion; Hello, I am Veronica. I am a writer.

My Fantasy series, The Starstone, can be found on Amazon, as Kindle’s, and on Lulu as paperbacks, all five of them. (The Hand of Fate, The Twins, The Crown Prince, The Unicorn’s Horn and The Shadow of Time.)


Surviving the Equestrian World, my true life story, of my horses and every single mistake I ever made while training them, can be found on Amazon and Lulu as well.


My Poetry Collection, This Song, and my Short Stories Collection, can be found… guess where…

1452275_649606498417068_2094030091_n front lulu

And my the first book in my Science Fantasy series, The Legacy, Rockstar, can be found on Amazon and Lulu as well.

IMG_1935 FRONT PINKsmall

I am a writer. I am not insane. My mother had me tested. (Not kidding.)

IMG_8525 d

I am every single one of my characters. And I am none of them. I am a writer. It was never really a choice. These stories wanted to be told. These characters came to me, because they knew that I, for the most part, would hear them.



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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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