Free Ebook Promotion Coming Soon

I feel like I should warn you guys, that I am setting up ALL my ebooks for a free promotion download between the 14th and the 17th of June. Or well, all of them, except the Shadow of Time, for some weird reason, Amazon won’t cooperate on that one… I’ll keep working on that… There is always one that wont obey… 😕

But that includes, Surviving the Equestrian World for free, for the first time. And it includes the brad new Rockstar, from my Legacy Series as well, so do check them out on Amazon, for four days next week! And do spread the word!

Why, you may ask? Well. Truth be told, I want my books to be read, more than I care about those $2 Amazon is charging when you buy an ebook. And they are letting me set them up for free once in a while, to promote them. Most of them. Still not sure why there is always one that wont cooperate…

And the 14th is Saleem’s birthday. You know, the cover horse on Surviving the Equestrian World.

10491068_798438880200495_9182276144837424670_n IMG_5616

And the 17th is Poseidon’s birthday. Or, it would have been. He would have turned 21.

april 23-6

He is still the biggest inspiration for everything I do and June the 17th always marked the day where we had survived another year. For 15 years, that was a very special day for us. For 15 years, that day, came and went and we were still here.

So yeah, even if I lost him in the end, like I knew I would, that day is still pretty special to me.

I meant to run Surviving the Equestrian World as a promotion alone, but well… I figured my other books might as well join in.

That said, I just got my hands on the first print copy of Rockstar, the first book in my new series, The Legacy.


I’m kinda thrilled to see that the cover- I designed all on my own for once- is so much better in print than I had dared imagine 😃


I still can’t believe I managed to release nine books so far.


And the ebooks will all be free for 4 days, this month, did I mention that? Except for that one, I can’t… Oh, I think I said that… Anyway, as much as I appreciate ebooks, and read them a lot, actually, on my phone, nothing beats having them like this.


The print versions are on, by the way. I can’t give them away for free, because of the printing cost.


And because I have five horses and I’m always broke… I would if I could. I just love seeing my characters come alive in the minds of others. That is why I write. That, and of course, to keep them from driving me insane. But I think we covered that in another post…

Enjoy! And have an awesome weekend!


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