HUGE THANKS to everyone who has downloaded and helped share my free ebooks so far! You guys rock! If you haven’t got them yet, there is still time. They are all free, except for The Shadow of Time. Amazon still won’t cooperate with me on that one… I am sure I am missing something, but then again, I always was a moron when it came to technology 😏


Sorry for posting pictures of the paperbacks, but its hard to take pictures of ebooks… 😏

Surviving the Equestrian World is the story of my life with my horses and how I learned to train with kindness. Mostly, its about every mistake I ever made, hoping that if someone read that, they wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes I did. And its about my wonderful, wonderful horses. This is a book for the rider who wants to compete but who don’t want to compromise the well being of their horse.

10491068_798438880200495_9182276144837424670_n IMG_5616

The Starstone Series, is five fantasy books. Dark fantasy. With quite a few gay characters. Love is love. I’m an evil kind of writer. No one is safe. Least of all my own heart.


This Song is my poetry collection. Mostly it is the songs I’ve been playing with my band for almost 15 years by now, without the music.


The Short Stories Collection help build a bridge from The Starstone Series to my SciFi series, the Legacy. Also, it is a very honest collection of heartbreaking stories.

front lulu

The Legacy Series is my new Science Fantasy series. So far, only Rockstar has been released. Working on the follow up as we speak. Its almost ready for release, actually.


Thanks again 😃 From me, and all my best friends. AKA my characters.



About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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