A Blessing

I was trying to ride Apocalipse the other day, and Ablaze kept showing up to help me. You know how we do everything as a team around my pasture… You are never alone for two seconds… (By “ride,” I mean, we walk, turn, stop, walk, turn, stop…)


Well, long story short, Ablaze was kinda distracting both Apocalipse and me, and in the end, he managed to poke Apocalipse in the lower part of his belly, making him explode, and in turn, making me jump off rather quickly, because Apocalipse still can’t stand that I touch him with my legs and… Let’s just say, it’s a chain reaction. He jumps, I touch him so I won’t fall, he jumps more, I die… Something like that… So, I cut out the last part and jumped off. But, that had me thinking. What am I doing, riding that horse, with my three year old around? And, how to I make that three year old pay less interest in us?

So, I figured that Ablaze is old enough for a little training of his own by now. After all, he is three. If he had been a race horse, he would have been broken in, ridden, raced and probably dead by now. He is practically ancient…

Joking aside, (I wish it was funny,) I have NO weight on him whatsoever. He is ONLY three. I mean, look at him, look at his bone structure. That’s a tiny baby.


Tardis is keeping an eye on me. Better keep her baby safe… Ablaze though, thinks it’s super awesome. He doesn’t care about the leg on his back, or about my arms over his head, or me behind him. He is so trusting, it is almost too beautiful for my heart to bear. This really is my foal, all the way.

Which brought me straight back to my other foal. Apocalipse. Granted, he is born much more sensitive than Ablaze, feeling much greater discomfort at being touched, but still. He should be able to do this too, right?

Yeah, he wasn’t. When I tried that with him, he spooked instantly. Which led me straight back to, what the f*** am I doing, riding this horse? Come on V, have you completely forgotten how to prepare a sensitive horse?


So this is what we are doing at the moment. And he hates it. Note the difference between the two. Ablaze is looking at me, and I swear he is laughing. Apocalipse is turning away, telling me that he is submitting, he has an ear focused at me, and the rest of him is shutting down. This is so like him. When he feels pressured, he turns away, builds a wall around his soft core and shuts me out. This is a horse that is only partially learning something, because as much as he lets me do what I want, he is mostly just enduring me.

Its all about engaging Apocalipse. It always was. He remains a challenge. I will do better. I just need to figure out how.

In the meantime, I started doing it with Marble as well. She is… Interesting. Half of the time, she doesn’t mind, she actually finds it amusing, and the other half, I make a move she dislikes and she tries to take my head off. This is the way to go though, with her as well, and no matter if she agrees with me about the training or not, she loves it when we are done. The attention she is getting, without having to move, is agreeing with her.

(Marble has had some severe growing up leg issues, to some extent she still does, so I am not too happy about asking her to run or walk and neither is she. The vets has been with us all the way. Still are.)


These pictures are all screen shots from the Red Scarlet camera, by the way, as Dark Mare Pictures are currently (among other things,) working on a video for me. We have shots of Marble and me, actually working as well, but I haven’t had time to find them yet. I love that shot though. I love how she is coming around this year, and learning to not try and kill me whenever I give her the chance.

We have footage of Saleem as well, but I haven’t got to that either. We were at the University all day, shooting for them today… Time is not always something that is easy to come by around here.


Tardis is perhaps the best – aside from her son. She is super cool with everything.


Also, she is the only one I have at the moment, wide enough for me to not fall off when I try and do that… I always used to be able to lie on my horses, but the sticks I have now, are really hard to balance on. I should work on that…

So yeah, sometimes it is good to have a three year old remind you why your six year old is not safe yet and how you failed a pretty important step in his education. I should learn by now, that Ablaze is never a distraction. He is a blessing.


Okay, that’s Tardis… I didn’t have the energy to find a new picture of Ablaze. I’ll get to it. Soon. I’ve been on set all day, two days in a row now, and we are going back tomorrow, and I have still managed to go to the gym for at least two hours a day… Pretty proud of not skipping that… That does mean that I am feeling pretty burned out right now.

So, goodnight everypony! I’ll be back, once I’m done hunting scientists and cameramen outside their natural habitat- in the wild. Imagine that….


And that’s a cell phone picture. All of them are unedited, by the way, if anyone dislikes the color grade. There are none yet. So this is me, stealing Dark Mare footage, displaying it before its finished. I had to add that, or get murdered horribly by our VFX and color grade team…


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  1. Joan says:

    We enjoy reading of your experiences.

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