Dark Mare, Kiddos, And Sunsets

Alright, in between going to the gym, kissing the kiddos, shooting with Dark Mare, talking to my buddies on Twitter, and keeping up with the Supernatural fandom in general, I’ve found a little time to run over some of our footage and snap a few screen shots of the kiddos and me.

You can never quote me on this, but Misha and Gishwhes is kinda driving me crazy at the moment. He is like a one man Mishapoalypse; everywhere I turn there is a new video I haven’t watched or a new link I haven’t clicked on… And the Gishbus… Oh, Chuck… Gishwhes hasn’t even started yet and it’s already stressing me out… In a slightly amusing kinda way…

But, the kiddos. First of all, this guy is the single one person who expects nothing from me at all.


I have no idea what I’d do without him. Or his super perfect brother.



Yes, I know, I’m bloody wearing a Misha for President hoodie. As much as I cannot keep up with this fandom and its cast and crew, I wouldn’t be without them… Aaaaanyway…


Its funny how much motion blur you get with the Red Scarlet camera, unless you are shooting to specifically get still frames. When you are shooting to get video footage, its almost impossible to find a frame that is a 100% in focus, if is has motion in it.


Anyway, these are my foals. I have never worked with horses like these two before. Their interest in me, and their open minds are humbling. I feel tiny, next to the love and trust they so willingly send my way every time I show up. Ablaze and Apocalipse.



But, let us not forget my other superstars. Tardis. Ever brave and ready to try new things.


And never far away when I play with her foal.



Saleem, Apocalipse’s gentle dad. It had been raining when we shot this, and the ground was a tiny bit wet. That completely threw him. He hardly dared jump, because it was slippery.


One day, he’ll trust me like his son does…


Until then, I’ll settle for him, giving it his very best try. He always does. That is the one thing you can count on with Saleem. He tries so hard and it breaks his heart if he fails. It is still my greatest challenge as his human; making sure he never fails.

Anything to keep that smile on his face forever.



Last, but certainly not least, we have Princess Marble.


She is always ready to help Tardis keep an eye on Ablaze. No one touches that foal without going through both the girls first.


Apocalipse is finding it a bit strange that I’m working with her these days. I never used to, because of her leg issues, so he is hanging around us a lot, poking both her and me, clearly asking what I think I’m doing.


Which does make it slightly dangerous to work with her, as she is still very explosive at times. But look at this.


She is not threatening me here. She is not shutting me out either. She is focused on me, (her ears are turned my way,) without acknowledging me, (she is not looking at me). That is amazing. She is relaxed and does not find the need to feel defensive.  She never needs to acknowledge me, if you ask me. As long as she isn’t shutting me out or trying to kill me, I’ll settle for being kindly ignored. (I’m pretty sure she will see me, in time, though. But for now, this is all I would ever dare hope for. She is doing so much better than I feared she would.)


I love working with my horses. I love how different they are. How they each present a new challenge every day, with their different personas. As much as Ablaze and Apocalipse are my foals, and as much as they never fail to make me smile, simply by being so trusting, slowly winning over Marble and Tardis and Saleem has its own charm as well.

I should remember that more. And spend less time online. Really. The world isn’t ending if I miss a stupid live stream once in a while. The fandom will provide me with the best gifs anyway, within seconds.

Also, Hasbro Top News noticed my pony blog on Twitter.


I am still completely in awe of that. The mothership noticed me. As much as I am lost in the Supernatural fandom at the moment, it is My Little Pony who raised me.

Here I go again. Its just soooo hard to let go of Twitter and the internet. But sometimes, I guess, one has to take the time to watch the sun set.


Luckily, that’s sometimes, my job…  And I swear I did not have my phone on me for this shot. It was horrible. But I got through it.


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