Your Song

On this day, I always remember my baby. He was born on July the 5th 1999. By all means, he should have been here still.

I wrote this for him, 3 years ago, on the first anniversary of his death.

Your Song 


The world cries for you tonight

Clouds keep rolling in above

Pouring rain into our hearts


The world holds its breath tonight

The calm before the storm

In silent disbelieve and horror


If this is your song

Can we make it a happy one?

If this is your legacy

Can we sing it a loving tune?

If this is your melody

Can I print it to memory?


The world crashed and burned tonight

Flames ran across the scarlet sky

As the sun failed to shine through the rain


The wind sings your song tonight

Every rain drop in perfect harmony

As your blood seeps into the ground


If this is your song

Can we make it a happy one?

If this is your legacy

Can we sing it a loving tune?

If this is your melody

Can I print it to memory?


Funnily enough, it has been pouring down all day. As in, I just emptied water out of my boots after having fed the kiddos this evening. You will need sound for this.

All day. None stop. It does seem strangely fitting. Like the world still cries for my baby somehow.

The kiddos are holding up though. I love this series of pictures from this morning. Here we have a very tight hierarchy; the alpha (Saleem) at the front. The second in command and right hand man, (Apocalipse) right behind him. The beta mare (Tardis) in the middle, where it is safest, and the young mare (Marble), being expendable at the back. And of course the herd foal, (Ablaze) who is utterly clueless to hierarchy and dangers.


Ablaze ran up to me instantly and waited impatiently for the others to catch up.


Even when it rains and the others are miserable, he has to come greet his human. That is so precious.


It is hands down this guy, and his herd, that gets me through days like these, reminding me that even if the world cries, we don’t always have to.

Ablaze never knew Apollon. Sometimes I look at Ablaze and I regret that he never got to know Poseidon and Apollon and Amalia. Legacy too. After all, Ablaze is named after Legacy. (Ablazing Legacy OX.) He never knew the four biggest influences in my life. He seems so utterly without legacy.

And then I smile, because he never knew them. No offence to the worried and frightened hearts of my old herd, but Ablaze grew up feeling safe and loved, and without any concept of violence or danger. The feeling of safety is something I fought to install in my old gang for all our years together, and Ablaze… Just has it. Because no one told him not to.


Thanks to all of you, who have wished me a happy birthday today. Yes, Baby and I share this day. We have had a good day, all of us, in spite of the rain. Even Chad. Although he is utterly bored and angry when it rains. He hates being indoors. But he hates rain more.


We all do. He just seems to take it personally. Honestly, this cat and his evil death stare should be able to scare most clouds away. I sure wouldn’t wanna cross him, when he looks like that. Luckily he is camped out in the boyfriends work room. I’ll just stay out of their way, I think…


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