Defining Veronica

My friend and fellow author Noel Heart came by the other day. We have been besties for years now, since we met on face book through some HIM related fan page and realized that we are both insane and that we both live in Denmark.


Even though Denmark is a small country, we do live quite some distance away from each other and its actually been 4 years since we’ve met last, face to face. Time flies by so fast. We talk a lot, online, and on the phone, when I pick up. I still have a rather forced relationship with phone calls, but luckily, Noel just keep calling until I get over myself… I love my phone, I am never anywhere without it, (and I am totally getting a new one once PokémonGo gets to Europe, nothing ever works on windows phones,) but actually talking to people does require a lot from me.


Anyway, its different, meeting people face to face. Especially because I know that I will get to see them and so I can set myself up to it. I think that’s what I dislike about phone calls. They are always an intrusion somehow, catching me unprepared.

Noel had some ideas for the video I am making with Dark Mare Pictures, about my books, and we ended up doing an interview between us.


I love the effect with the mirror, having both of us in the camera at the same time. Also, it was completely unprepared. Noel had a few questions she wanted the ask and I had a few answers I wanted to be allowed to give, but aside from that, we just had to improvise. Luckily, Dark Mare is always ready and up for anything, even two crazy writers.


Also, Noel is pretty camera shy, so we put the camera behind her. Although she could see the camera in the mirror, she didn’t feel that it could see her all the time, (which it totally could,) and that helped a lot.


I’m pretty cool with the RED camera by now. What I am not cool with, is… playing me. That was so weird. I’ve always been a character in front of that camera. But Veronica? Wait a second…

Who is Veronica, in front of a camera? “Just be yourself.” Well, there is no such thing, in an interview, really.


As a horsemanship trainer, a photographer, a video editor, an actor, even as a musician, you put on that character when people talk to you. I play those parts pretty well by now. Veronica is a writer, and I am used to only really being me, online. Where I have time to think of everything I write, every answer I give. I can edit it as much as I want, before I post it. Having to be Veronica, the writer, in a setting like this one, was kind of strange. This is probably the real me, more than anything else, and still, I felt utterly out of place, without a mask to hide behind.


Also, I have written 9 books by now, and Noel has been reading them all faithfully. I won’t lie, even if she is a writer herself, she does blame me for some of the bad things that has happened in my books.


She is so not buying my innocent act.


Even when I swear that I am just the hands that write the story down and my characters has their own life…


We ended the day with dressing me up as Naim from the Legacy Series, and letting her interview him too.


That completely changed our dynamics. I was much more comfortable in Naim’s head, than in my own, and she had no idea how to handle an arrogant rock star with a very sorted past.


So maybe I am more Naim than I would like to think I am. Maybe I am better at acting, than at letting myself shine through. Maybe I know Naim better than I know Veronica by now. After all, I have been giving him a voice for most of my life. I grew up with him in my head.


Either way, I actually think that is the part of the interview I am happiest about, even if it doesn’t really cut together with the rest of it.


Or maybe, as Naim, I got to use every bit of my manipulative mind, managing to weasel out of answering most of her questions directly. Veronica can’t do stuff like that.


Our cameraman came to Noel’s rescue once in a while, asking Naim to prove that he was indeed the strongest wizard in the universe. Bloody cameraman. Hush, be quiet. I’ll turn you into a toad. No wait, Naim will…


So, all in all, I’m still not exactly sure where we are going with this video, but it was great seeing Noel again and she handled me and all my crazy really well in front of a camera.

What I truly learned from this, is that I need to define who Veronica is, without Naim and all the others. Without my horses. Without a keyboard, or a guitar, or a camera. Who am I really, when you take all of that away?

That’s something to think about.

Anyway, thanks for a great day to Dark Mare Pictures and Noel Heart. You guys are awesome. And Noel, we should make sure to see each other more than every 4 years. I’ll do better. I promise.


Stop laughing, both of you. I will. Really.

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