I’ll Fly

I have to share this song. Rainbow Dash is always the one I identify with mostly when I watch My Little Pony, and well, here is why.

Basically her pet turtle, Tank, is going into hibernation because of the winter, and Dashie is ready to do anything to keep him with her. She’ll stop winter, sabotage the other pegasi… She’ll stop at nothing.

This song is just as sweet as it is heartbreaking. I know just how she feels. And how she is fighting a losing battle.

This is a children’s show, (somewhat,) so Tank couldn’t die, but she sure is fighting in this episode, just as hard as I fought when Apollon was dying. She cries just as much too.

This is why I love My Little Pony. They always manage to touch some nerve, especially if you are watching as an adult.

“I’ll fly until the end of the sky, so I’ll be the one who doesn’t have to say goodbye”






I swear guys. I would have stopped winter for each and every one of you, if I could have. Sometimes you have to accept that there are things you cannot change. Sometimes you have to say goodbye. You can do so gracefully, or you can go down kicking and screaming, fighting tooth and nail, all the way. I’m a Rainbow Dash.

When she looses in the end, and Tank buries  himself, she stays and reads to him, even if he can’t hear her anymore. I can’t even… I’ve been there. So many times.

Wow, this turned into a sad post. I am not sure that was on purpose. I’ve just been thinking a lot about my old kiddos lately. And clearly, I’ve been re-watching My Little Pony, which is  never a clever thing to do when you are a little shaky emotionally. You might come across an episode like this one, that will completely knock you off your feet and make you replay the same song over and over.

“I’ll fly until the end of the sky, so I’ll be the one who doesn’t have to say goodbye”


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