We have cows on the other side of our fence at my stable. Like, the cutest little cows. I have been watching them for years now, arriving at the conclusion that one day, when I get a huge farm, I totally want a cow. Right now, I don’t really have the space for a cow. Or two. Gotta have two, right? Because, what if the horses are evil to them? They should have each other…

Anyway. I was by my friends farm the other day. She has 4 Dexter cows. Which means that they are small, black, and kinda wild. Just. My. Kinda. Cows. And to ad insult to injury, they are for sale.


I mean look at those faces. How are they not adorable? How anyone eats them is beyond me… I just wanna touch them, interact with them, learn their body language… I mean, look at that face.


They were curious, which is always a great sign. When you work with horses, curiosity is the most important thing. If it doesn’t have that, it is uphill. They were very shy though, and spooked very easily. My friend was kinda shaking her head at them, because all winter they are all friendly and cuddly, and as soon as summer comes and they run free on the pasture, they turn into wild animals.


And yes, I instantly fell into using horsemanship, turning my side to them, flexing one of my legs, lowering my head… The two youngest fell for it. How awesome is that? They are buying horse- language? I soooooooo want a cow! The things I could learn….!

Also, they spooked easily. It felt like being back, next to my old boy, Poseidon. The second I forgot about my body language, they jumped. I have really been slacking off lately, with the trusting and friendly horses I have now. These cows reminded me of what I used to be. What I was GOOD at, once upon a time.


Yes, the two old ones joined us in the end. Chuck, they are so cute. Why don’t I have a huge pasture? They would be so great with the kiddos…

I know. I haven’t really had the energy to train my horses lately, and now I want a cow? Reality check, V. But…

No. I need a bigger pasture. I can’t buy these guys. But one day…. One day…


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One Response to Cows!

  1. sammerson says:

    I love cows too! We have the cutest little brahma bull calf at the barn. When his owners turn him out in the arena I always go play with him. He will walk right up to me and nudge me until I rub his head and when I stop and walk away he follows me. When I turn around to look at him he always darts off kicking and bucking. Little show off!

    I vow one of these days I’ll have some of my own too!

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