Peaceful Training methods

I have a lot of cell phone pictures by now, that I am gonna bother you guys with. It’s kinda horrible, having a smartphone. You always have a camera at hand, so you never think to bring the Canon Eos anymore, which leaves you with a lot of pictures of lousy quality.

Anyway, let’s start with Apocalipse and Tardis.


That’s right, Tardis actually have a friend now. Someone she likes to hang with. I am so proud of both of them. Mostly of Apocalipse for never giving up on her.


Look at that… Happy Tardis, with a buddy. I feel like I’ve waited three years for that. I am pretty sure Apocalipse feels the same way.

Saleem and Ablaze has been playing a lot lately. Apocalipse joins them sometimes.


Mostly he plays with Saleem. He does think that Ablaze is too violent.


He is kind of right. Amazingly enough, Saleem handles Ablaze perfectly and is not spooked by him.


He even plays with Marble now.


And, take a closer look, please. He might still be headshaking when he is playing, but… He is not off beat! He actually raises his back and carries himself! I am jumping for joy to see him like this. So here is a video as well. Just because. Saleem usually cantered on four stiff legs, “bunny hop” style. Now, he actually canters.

The difference? He is barefoot now. He is starting to trust his body. This new confidence in him is amazing.


Okay, so sometimes he does lose a beat. But now, it doesn’t stop him from playing, or discourage him in any way.


I am so happy to see him like this. And that foal, well, isn’t he just a bundle of joy?


Yeah, he was always good at that. Apocalipse too. That is clearly something that my boys has been born with. Who needs four legs when you can walk on two?


Oh yeah and let us not forget; Marble is playing! Like, for real. Ablaze was never scared of her, but Saleem and Apocalipse never liked playing with her, because she kicks when she is excited. I love that picture. Saleem is trotting, looking AWESOME for once, Ablaze is rearing up, like he has done since he was a day old, and Marble is jumping straight up into the air, ready to explode and kill anything near her. That’s my kiddos. Also, look at this.


Yes, she is a thoroughbred. You gotta be darn fast to catch her on camera. But with all the leg issues she has had, this is fantastic. She is actually running, top speed, on her own accord. That’s gotta mean that her future is looking brighter, right?

The future of my phone, however, is looking kind of bleak. It’s a Nokia windows phone, which means that it does not support PokemonGo, which of course, is completely unacceptable. Other than that, it keeps crashing. Turning on the flash light in my pocket, (way to drain my battery,) turning off at random, refusing to open Instagram every time someone uploads a video, and lo and behold, crashing the camera when I am using it. Like in this video.

Still, Ablaze is learning this no contact game Saleem and Apocalipse are so good at. I guess  I know now, who taught Apocalipse that. My Saleem, training yet another foal. I am so proud of him.

He is so gentle and so sweet and still he manages to wrap the others around his hoof. And he is doing so, peacefully, while letting them play. That is one great leader. He sure is something to aspire to. I know that I never get tired of studying this horse and his training methods. Even if my bloody phone does.


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