Gishwhes And Pokemon Go

Alright, Gishwhes 2016 is officially over. I will be returning to my blogs, as soon as I’ve caught up on sleeping. Fair warning though, I will probably spam this blog for a while, with the things Gishwhes made us do.

Starting with the two Pokemon items. Brace yourselves.

I was over the moon when I discovered that there were Pokemon items. I had been terrified that Gishwhes would get in the way of my playing PokemonGo. Where I live, if you fall a week behind in that game, you never catch up. People are crazy. So, this week has been even better than usual, as I have been playing Pokemon Go, AND been gishing, at the same time.

It felt like two little secret worlds I was running around in. I love that.

But first off, we had to dress up as a grass type pokemon and plant flowers at a pokestop. I instantly signed up for that, because come on! I always wanted to be a Bulbasaur! And then it hit me. How do I become a  Bulbasaur? I have no costume making skills whatsoever.

So I texted my friend at 10pm and basically screamed HELP. She told me to jump on the scooter and come right over.


Once I arrived, she had everything planned out and she quickly made an awesome  Bulbasaur costume.


For witch I went out with the boyfriend and took pictures at first light the following day.



And then I noticed the other Pokemon item. Walk with a friend, and hatch a 2 km egg, a 5 km egg, and a 10 km egg. I was happy dancing when I saw that one.

It had to be delivered as a 20 second time lapse. The boyfriend shook his head at me when he heard it. You cant make a time lapse unless the camera is standing still. It will be horrible to look at.

I sorta agree. But I can’t walk a 10 km egg with a stationary camera, so time to get creative.

My private phone is a windows phone, so it doesn’t do Pokemon Go. My work phone does. So my Nokia Lumina was the camera for our epic Pokemon journey. What I failed to take into account was that the storage space on that thing is very limited, and when I was standing in the middle of nowhere and my 10 km egg was hatching, it refused to save the video, due to lack of space. Hopefully the judges won’t penalize me for the lack of egg animation. I learned my lesson. Never trust a Nokia. I should have known that by now. I grew up with the things. I just thought they had… you know… evolved…

Anyway, here is our Pokemon Go time lapse video;

Notice the elephants? Yeah, neither did I… I was chasing a Statyu…

So, this is the first Gishwhes 2016 post. There will be others. But now… sleep.

And huge thanks to my team, Gishwhes Virgins and Heather Thomas, our fearless leader. It has been awesome!


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