Gishwhes And The Post Office

Yes, this is another Gishwhes post. Fair warning.

I was on a team with three people from Denmark, one from France and the rest from the US. As luck would have it, one of the other Danes didn’t live too far from me and when the item list was published, I instantly asked her if she wanted to do the post office thing with me.

Truth be told, I am pretty sure that she was surprised that anyone would even consider signing up for that. For me, it seemed almost too easy. Here is why.

The item said to ship yourself. Don’t actually ship yourself, but to submit a picture of yourself getting weighed at the post office, or in one of the transport cages, or getting loaded onto the back of a mail truck. Dressed up as a first class parcel, of course.

Signe agreed to help me out, as long as we didn’t use her local post office. Clearly, she felt that it would be humiliating. I am pretty sure that’s why Misha set up that item as well…

For me, I’ve had a lot of run ins with my local post office, mostly because they have thrown away a lot of the My Little Ponies I’ve bought on Ebay, so I didn’t care what they thought of me. Truth be told, I rarely care what people think of me. I figured it would be fun.

So we met up, on a very rainy day, and soaking wet, showed up at the mail office, dripping water all over the counter, explaining about Gishwhes. We may have played a little on Random Acts of Kindness and the whole thing being a charity, which isn’t wrong….

And to my big surprise, the nice postal worker agreed to let us do it.

We had shown up by closing time, because I had thought there was a bigger chance of me getting loaded into the truck, than ever getting anywhere near the post office weight, but she shook her head and said to go for it.

So we did. At 6 pm in the middle of a crowded mall, we dressed me up as a first class parcel.


Or, well… We wrapped me in plastic, like most people in Denmark ship their stuff. It really doesn’t matter. The post office will break it anyway. I’ve had a parcel delivered to me once, in a hard box, that had tire tracks on it. Never even got an apology…


We made sure not the cover the “Misha” on my hoodie. I did need to be shipped somewhere, right?


And we added Batman flags for Destiel… You know… Because reasons… It made sense at the time…

Signe did amazingly well, considering that she wasn’t a huge fan of how people were staring at us. I am pretty sure that for her, it was a bit of a challenge to do something like this.

That is one of the great things about Gishwhes. You get to meet new people, do crazy stuff together and push your own boundaries. Or, if you are someone like me, you get to be just as crazy as you always are, and you have a whole week, where you can blame it on Misha Collins.

Okay, enough talk. Now, for the perfect picture.


Me sitting on the weight, getting shipped to Misha (yeah, you would smile too,) the postal worker, feeling completely out of place, wondering why she let us do this, and Signe, paying to have me shipped off, while if you look closely, you can see the Castiel quote on her bag. My “people skills” are “rusty.”

That sums us up perfectly. And no, I didn’t look at the weight. It’s always broken anyway. I’m sure it would have got me wrong as well… 😛

Thanks to Aston, for being the photographer.


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