Gishwhes And Representing Denmark

During Gishwhes, we had to take team photos, meaning that we all had to take a picture of our selves, and then one person from the team would put them together. The picture should represent our country or region.

Signe and I, who were fortunate enough to live close enough to each other, to actually work together, set about discussing how best to represent Denmark. The first thing that came up, was finding some refugees and stealing their valuables… We are pretty known world wide for that, right?

Thinking that maybe we should go with a more positive spin, we jumped to the next thing we are known for; H.C. Andersen. You know, the writer.

Fun fact. I grew up being force fed his stories at school, staring at ugly statues of him, (not because he was ugly, but some of those “artists…”) seeing his work on the theater, having streets and airports and everything named after him. Where we live, we are VERY proud of this dude. One would even say, we are milking it, for the tourists, to the point where us locals, get really tired of it all… The point is, I thought I knew everything about H.C. Andersen, but the one thing I had to go to BBC and QI to find out, was that he was gay. Somehow, that never came up. At all.

Anyway, Signe and I debated for a while which one of his stories to bring to life, but we couldn’t really settle on one. Truth be told, they are kinda hard to reenact, if you don’t have a duckling costume, or a fishtail…

So Signe suggested that we got married instead. Because, you know, Denmark was the first country to allow gays to marry.

Well, you can’t ask me that twice. Sure thing, when and where and you wear the dress?!

As soon as I agreed to marrying her, she posted this picture; Photocredits, Signe Johanne Bonde


Okay, so she had a Gishwhes item where she was making a robot baby, but come on. That felt like a trap, huh? So not only was I getting a wife, but a robot baby too? And she named him Misha… At least I’m okay with that…

Aaaaaaanyway. Ironically enough, she chose the church, right next to the farm where Poseidon, Apollon, Amalia and I grew up. Imagine that. Of all the churches in the world. I was coming home, to get married, for Gishwhes.


Aren’t we a cute couple?


The guy that worked there, taking care of the church, was totally awesome, and let us in. Ordinarily, Danish churches are closed for the public, because of vandalism. Sadly.


He even asked me how long it had taken to dye my hair like that. Snort. Thanks. It’s a wig. My hair doesn’t grow that long anymore. If it did, I would totally love to dye it like this, but well…


He kept asking what we were doing, because he really didn’t understand the whole “Gishwhes” explanation. Once we got tired of explaining that, we just told him that we were getting married. That turned him silent.


Yeah, I’m wearing heels. I blame May, another of our teammates. She said I should.


I actually love these pictures. And I love that before Gishwhes, Signe and I had met once before. This is the thing about Gishwhes, I guess. Making friends, and jumping on any chance to help them out.

I had planned on using one of those pictures for my own representing Denmark picture, but once Signe chose hers, I kinda thought it would be boring to have two similar pictures on our team picture. And, OMD just rose from the dead.

OMD is Odense Medieval Days, which is basically a medieval festival, that had a huge impact in my life, 15 years ago, when it was an annual thing, but it was canceled due to lack of funding and management.

This year, it was back on, for the first time. And one of my band mates and her family were there. I’d be a bit of an idiot, to pass that up.

So, for my representing Denmark, I got to do a Danish Viking shot.


She even put me in her actual wedding dress, which she doesn’t fit into anymore, because she is pregnant. That was so sweet of her. All in all, I’ve been surprised by how many of my friends has rallied around me this week and helped me out, no questions asked.

Maybe they are used to me, doing crazy stuff. Maybe they just thought it was out of character for me, to actually ask for help. Who knows. I just know, it has been awesome. So, thank you for that guys! Each and everyone of you!


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