Gishwhes And The Stormtrooper(s)

An item I’ve been told there always is in Gishwhes, includes Stormtroopers. Yeah, you read that right. I honestly don’t know why. I mean, I get the whole Misha and the Queen of England thing, but Star Wars? Nah, nevermind. The point is, we knew we would need a Stormtrooper, so even before Gishwhes was kicked off this year, we started looking for one.

My super awesome friend instantly volunteered her kids. Once Gishwhes started, someone else from my team, signed up for the Stormtrooper task, so I had to tell her that I was sorry, but it wasn’t happening. And then the team member who had signed up, backed down.

So, with a day left, I texted my friend in the middle of the night and said, “if you guys still wanna do it, I’ll jump on it.” They did, so the next day, we set about solving the task.

We needed a Stormtrooper to fit into a society before, you know, electricity and stuff. I don’t remember the exact wording of the task anymore. Bottom line, we have some really great medieval villages in Denmark, and my friend is an active viking, so we did the set up fairly easy. She packed all her stuff, and we went to take a picture of, not one, but two little Stormtroopers, growing up as vikings.


I do think there should be special bonus points for making three kids pose for the camera like that, at the same time…


Not to mention, getting me in a dress, pretending to be the mother in the family…


The things you do for Gishwhes… I did contemplate having the youngest child, in her viking dress, kick the Stormtrooper’s asses, because that could have been fun, but it was really warm wearing all that clothes, and I didn’t want to press my luck. Or make the kids tired of jumping through hoops for me.

So, thanks again Ditte 🙂 These are the awesomest Stormtroopers I have ever seen. Just saying 🙂


And I’m pretty sure that growing up as vikings, will only improve their aim…


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