Gishwhes And The Significant Other

The first task on the Gishwhes list this year, was a fairly simple one. Or so I thought. It read something like; You used to do something for your significant other, back when you first met, that used to make them smile. You haven’t done it in years. Do it now.

I figured that would be pretty easy, right? Aston and I have been together for 10 years, there must be something I forgot to do?

So, dumb as I am, I signed up for that. And then I started thinking. Back when we first met, what did we use to do? What would make him smile?

After driving myself insane over it for a while, I actually asked him. The only thing we both came up with, was Heroes of Might and Magic. We used to play that all the time. These days, we play Pokemon and X Wing. Mostly because the online place where we bought Heroes, to make it compatible with Windows ten, still haven’t fixed the bug that makes the game crash at random. That gets tiresome…

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how to get a picture of us, playing Heroes. Also, it felt a little odd. I mean, ten years, and the only thing we stopped doing, was playing a computer game? Haven’t we changed a bit?

And then it hit me. There was one thing we used to do. Back when Amalia and Apollon and Poseidon was alive. We used to ride together. That always made him smile.

So, I called on my face book friends, asking for a photographer with patience and without fear of horses, who might help us take a picture on short notice. That’s the thing about Gishwhes. There is no, “I’m free next week.” It has to be now, or it won’t do. My super awesome friend and band mate, volunteered again. I knew she wasn’t afraid of the horses, but she is dead allergic, so I felt kinda bad about making her do it. But, well… she offered… Thanks 😉


The patience part was required, as the horses we have now, are hardly broken in and truth be told, I knew it would take a while to get a picture that could be used. I had this old picture of Poseidon and Amalia and Aston and me, I wanted to redo. (Preferably without the insane ISO setting…)

Billede 051e

But how to make Tardis and Saleem walk side by side? They are not exactly the best of friends, and Aston has hardly ridden since Amalia died. Also, the kids got a hold of his helmet, and destroyed it, so he no longer has one, which always gets me panicky, because riding without a helmet is just dumb.

But, taking a deep breath, I picked up my Saleem and settled for doing the best I could to make the picture happen, while Tardis walked in any direction she wanted… (Yes, we are both wearing My Little Pony T-Shirts.)


The kids were very helpful as well, making sure to be everywhere at all times.


And then, to my great surprise, Saleem got caught up in the chaos and decided to ignore me as well.


My Saleem… Imagine that… But the one thing I have to say, we got from this chaos, was that it sure did make Aston smile, like I haven’t seen him smile in a very long time.


I really should take him riding more often. And just embrace the crazy that is our wild and untamed Arabians. Who would have thought. Poseidon, the horse that didn’t like humans, was actually insanely well schooled, compared to this gang. Even if I am good at creating  a picture, to make it look like we totally got this under control.

Anyway, I am a bit surprised by how I missed his smile and never even knew it. I guess that sometimes it takes something like a silly scavenger hunt to realize what used to make you good together. Somehow, over the years, everything just got “everyday chores.” Feeding the horses, cleaning hooves, mucking out, filling up water… And we forgot the one thing that used to make us, us.

Being wild and free and untamed. With Poseidon and Amalia, we had wings. They were fast as lightning, Poseidon was spooky and nervous, Amalia had a killer instinct when it came to running, and together, they were lethal. Still, nothing ever came as close to freedom, as the four of us on the road. I should remember that.

Saleem and Tardis are nothing like them. And they shouldn’t be. Life goes on, for those of us left behind. It has to. And I’ll be sure to get him a helmet and see that smile more often…



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