Gishwhes And Linked In

One of the dumbest things I signed up for during Gishwhes was the Linked In item. I have a Linked In account. The item read something like, get your lazy pet a job, by getting him a profile on Linked In and get ten people to recommend him. I figured that it was a pretty easy task.

I mean, writing a profile for Saleem was fun. But then I had to figure out how that recommendation system worked on Linked In.

Truth be told, I did not suspect that it would be a problem. I mean, this page is designed for people without a job, who is looking for networking, to get a job, right? Recommendations must be top priority on a page like that, and easy for everyone to figure out? Right?

First off, you can’t sign up on Linked In, unless you belong to a company. So already there, I was wrong. It is not for unemployed people. It is for people with a job, who wants to… what?

Not recommend each other, that is for sure. I had to google how to do it. And three hours later, and a billion misleading pages and answers later, I figured it out well enough to start bugging my friends about it.

The next thing was, that you have to be connected on Linked In, to recommend someone. Which meant that suddenly I was stuck in front of the computer, sending out connection invites and waiting for people to reply, so I could explain how to recommend Saleem. Over and over and over…

And half of the people I got on the hook, ended up bailing because it was too difficult, even with my guidance. A few didn’t think it was funny, because Linked In is a serious place and a horse had no business there. (Serious? Really? Seriously useless, is more like it…) Some swore that they had sent the recommendation, but it never got through. And some, just could not connect to Saleem.

My friend from France, May, tried to connect with Saleem. We sent each other invites for a whole hour, and they never got through. When one of my invites finally reached her, and she accepted, Linked In told her that we could not connect because we had nothing in common.

Sooooo… this page, designed to help people network… Is actively preventing you from networking? Well, that is just fantastic.

I ended up sending her an email, from Saleem’s email, (which is my work email,) writing something along the lines of “fuck you Misha” and then, Linked In accepted that we were friends. Great.

All in all, getting ten recommendations on Linked In was one of them most frustrating experiences I have suffered through, and only because my team was amazing, and fought with me, did I make it through that one. Otherwise I would have so quit that task.

Now, I am just waiting for the Gishwhes judges to review it all, so I can delete Saleem again. And, I really want to take down my own profile as well, since I never use it (with good reason,) but Dark Mare is not a huge fan of me deleting myself. I’ll have to weasel out of that somehow…

The one thing I learned from this is that Linked In is a complete waste of time, and half of the connection invites you are sent from people, never go through. So thanks for that, Misha. I’ve had that profile for years. Now I know why I shouldn’t have it.

Anyway, here is the result of our blood, sweat and tears. And cursing Misha’s name. Go team GishwhesVirgins.



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