My Little Pony- Game


My band mates and fellow My Little Pony fanatic’s has been playing My Little Pony on their phones for a long time. When I got my Nokia, it did not support the game. Of course. But then, I got my hands on the Dark Mare phone, which supports both My Little Pony and PokemonGo.

I’ve been playing the My Little pony game for a while now. Shyly. I haven’t really committed to it. I stopped by once in a while, played with a pony, smiled at the cute animations, and left again. Why? Because I knew instantly that this is the kind of game I would get lost it.

I made the mistake the other day, of letting the boyfriend see the game. And I was snickering to myself when I realized that he signed up for it one evening. My Little Pony rocks. Anyone who comes across it, will get sucked in one way or another…


I had my smug smile wiped clean off my face the next morning, when I realized that he had managed to play it all night and reach the same level as me in no time. Oh, hell no! That is war! I mean, great… Maybe I should take a closer look at that game…

And here we are. I’m utterly lost. Even PokemonGo has been at a stand still lately. I have only been claiming the local gyms when it has been convenient and when no ponies has been up for playing…

So, the game. It is brilliant. Like all things, when My Little Pony is involved, it appeals to grownups as well as children. If you are a child, it has a ton of mini games you can easily play, like playing ball with Twilight, or go applebucking with Applejack. (Try that with Applebloom or any of the baby ponies, that is much harder than it looks…)

As an adult, the more you play with your ponies, the more stars they get, and the more stars they have, the more you can make them work and earn money for you.

I feel like the evil Catrina from generation one, capturing ponies and using them as slaves… You can even send them into the mines… Muahahaha! *cough*

Okay. Evil aside, you can visit your friends cities. Which means that I have my two band mates and my boyfriend, and I can go to their cities, and leave them little crystal hearts. That is so sweet.

And I can dance with their ponies, earning them crystal hearts.

Friendship is magic, indeed. I love that part of the game.

Another thing I truly adore is the animations. When you are not playing with your ponies, they run around the cities, playing with each other, gathering in groups, watching the theater, you name it. They are always doing something extremely adorable.

And the game follows the story line of the series. In Canterlot, there are changelings. I was laughing when I saw the first one. It was so awesome. All of a sudden, Pinkie Pie was playing cat and mouse with a cupcake, and she was so cute, I stopped everything and just looked at her. And then I realized that there were two Pinkie’s. There was another Pinkie, playing with the other ponies. So I clicked the cupcake Pinkie and she turned into a changeling. I love that. I love how you can’t even trust your ponies.

So far, I’m only level 42, (I was 16 two days ago, before the boyfriend joined us,) and I’ve only uncovered some of the elements of harmony, beaten a few changelings, explored a bit of the Everfree Forest, and made a lot of ponies work for me… And after playing this game intensively, for 48 hours, (sleep is overrated) I am in the top 50 world wide, in the dancing game event. I knew I should have stayed away from this game…

Oh well, I’m in it now. Might as well go for it. Wait… 43, I just got a level while writing this… Uhu, now I can build DJ Pony! Wup Wup!

I will say that this is a game that wants you to spend real money on it. Like, the gems are almost impossible to gain fast enough, without buying them. I still need 35 to get Rainbow Dash, and 20 for Sweetie Belle… The truth is though, that if I stick with this game, and keep loving it, I am not opposed to buying stuff in it.

I already did… Lily Valley was for sale.. I had to get her… *Innocent Whistle*

But I’m pretty broke this month, so Rainbow Dash will have to wait until the next paycheck… Unless I can gain 35 levels in the next ten days… Working on it…

So, should you play it?

No. It will drag you in, and keep you from anything else. You will spend hours playing with ponies, smiling at how cute Applejack is when she is bucking around on the map, and driving yourself insane, trying to make it through the mines.

If you are up for that though, then HELL YES! Go for it! And let me know, so we can be friends. I dance a LOT to stay on top of the event. If anypony wants crystal hearts…

This is Hasbro when they are best. This game is the best game I have played in a long time. It is versatile, funny, cute, frustrating, adorable, insanely impossible and you will be singing the songs fiveever. Yes. Fiveever. That’s even longer than forever. Don’t ask. Just watch the show. And join the herd… I mean, the game.. I promise, you will regret it.

But you will do so with a huge smile on your lips.


So I have nothing else to add, except; well played Hasbro. As always. Well Played. We are still waiting for the “PokemonGo” version, that will get us off our asses and outside, but until then, I’ll just stay in my bed, dancing with my friends ponies… Without ever seeing a living soul. Perfect…

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