Gishwhes And William Shatner

My life is a little shaky right now. I realize that one of the things that once was be great about this blog, was how honest I used to write about my life. I will get back to that. Right now, I’m just playing things a little close to the west. So, here is another Gishwhes Post. I’ll wrap them up soon, promise.

William Shatner usually participates in Gishwhes. This year he didn’t, and of course Misha had to set up an item to bother him about it. Long story short, we were told to send him three post cards, picturing how much fun we were having doing Gishwhes. Just so he knew that he was missing out, you know. And, of course, we were supposed to tweet Mr. Shatner and ask for his address.

I am not sure who started bothering who, but I have had a great lot of fun watching Misha and Shatner harass each other on twitter. It’s a thing they do. I happily signed up for that item. I love harassing people on twitter.

Mr. Shatner was totally on to us though. He instantly posted “his” address and even made it his cover picture. So helpful. I was disappointed at first, that he gave up so easily, but then I noticed that he had kinda asked the mail to be sent to M/C.

I was snickering to myself about that for a while, and two days later, we got an email from Misha, telling us not to be fooled. Shatner had in fact, given us the Gishwhes mailing address. That escalated on twitter, as Shatner got his hands on that email and asked the Supernatural producer to make his actors stop harassing him… Social media is so entertaining sometimes… Anyway…

It’s not that hard to find a mailing address for William Shatner, if you have a minimum of stalking skills, and here are our submissions. The funniest part about this item was, hands down, watching twitter implode.




I’m sure Shatner totally regrets missing out on that this year…. Let’s face it, he would have made a great pokemon…


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