I…. moved my horses.

I can’t really believe it. I have been wanting to move away for years, but it is so hard to find a pasture where I can be me, without other horses and other equestrians. That is pretty important to me, since I am dead tired of the equestrian world, and don’t want to deal with any aspect of it anymore if I can help it. Also, I can’t have other horses with my babies, because I don’t want fighting and I don’t want them to form friendships that will be broken if the other horses move away.

But we had road work on the way to my old stable, which forced scooter and me to take another way, and I noticed a pasture that looked empty. Long story short, I am not good at knocking on peoples front door and asking to rent their pasture, but in the end I did. It turned out that the people that owned the place had had horses there before and had been kinda looking to rent it out again, so it was pretty ready for moving in.

Now, moving five horses takes a lot of planning and all of a sudden, I had to do it in a matter of days. First order of business was borrowing the car from my mother in law. Luckily she did not mind, so we set about moving a lot of our things on Friday. We borrowed a trailer for 3 hours, which the boyfriend expected was more than enough. Oh, he wasn’t there the last times my girlfriends and I moved all our crap. I spend the entire day sorting through our things, and when he showed up with the trailer, we only moved a little over half before we had to take the trailer back.

We had the car over the weekend, so the rest would have to wait. Saturday morning, I had begged my twin to show up and help us move the horses.

She hasn’t touched a horse in ten six years, or something like that, and she really doesn’t want to, because she is afraid that she will just end up missing it too much. I felt kinda bad about dragging her back into the equestrian world after she made such a clean break, but I needed someone I could trust. And someone who didn’t bat an eye when I said that we would be moving the horses at 6 am Saturday morning, and we have to walk 3,5 km.

Only true equestrians say, “yeah, okay, sure,” and thinks “you insane bitch,” and shows up on two days notice for something like that. My twin did. Thanks sugarcube. I owe you one for this.

So, we met at 5;30, dropped a few bikes at the new stable and went in the car to the old stable, got halters on the kids and set out.

My twin walked with Saleem, I handled Tardis and Ablaze, and Aston walked with Apocalipse and Marble. On the road. 3,5 km.

I know. Okay.


Ablaze has never left the pasture he was born on. I have never taken him on the road before. Loads of reasons for that. But all in all, he had to walk 3,5 km for the first time ever, leaving his home behind, to settle in at a new pasture.

Marble and Apocalipse are kinda over the top fast forward horses, so I felt bad about leaving Aston with them, but he doesn’t handle Ablaze well. Truth be told, I don’t handle Marble well, so it had to be this way. Her hysterical attacks gets on my nerves, where as he remains calm and gets her to relax much better than I do.

Saleem and my twin were superstars. I think they had a really good time. Saleem was happy, and relaxed around her instantly even though he hasn’t seen her since he was a baby and I am sure he did not remember her. She is just so calm and easy around the horses that I knew he would gravitate to her. They led the way easily.

Tardis was really amazing too. I had her in my left hand, and Ablaze in my right, keeping Ablaze behind Saleem and with Tardis and me between him and the road, if there would be traffic. There wasn’t. That was my reason for walking at 6 am on a Saturday. No traffic. But still. I wanted them to arrive safely, so better to have us box him in.

Aston and the two wild ones followed us, and Apocalipse was fantastic as well. Every time Marble freaked out, he just paused and waited for Aston to regain control. Those two sure know how to deal with her temper. I could learn something from them.

Marble did good too, all things considered. She is very explosive, but she never became dangerous. And her legs held up. I am always afraid that she will go lame, but she didn’t.

Ablaze was so sweet. He was so freaked out, so flooded with new impressions, and he never acted up. A few times, I had to stop him, when he wanted to spook over a road sign, but considering that he has never left home and has hardly learned to follow a halter, he was SO good. I am so proud of my babies, I don’t have the words.

And it was a beautiful morning.


We arrived on our new pasture in a misty sunrise. Thank god for the smart phone cameras.



I was stunned to see that Saleem led the “Welcome home” run of the pasture. He never used to do that. When he was wearing shoes, he would fall and trip and lose his nerve. Now, he was leading the fun.


There is cows on a pasture in the distance, so they spend a lot of time looking at them. Also, I think they can see horses in the distance too.



I love these pictures. Sorry for spamming them. Tardis and her son are so beautiful together.

Tardis could not really settle in. She kept running up and down the fence, looking stressed and completely unable to be reached. And Ablaze helped her out, because when mom is scared, he is scared. He just wish he knew why.


I tried feeding them. That got her to focus for a second.



Yes, that is a New Lunar Republic t-shirt. Because My Little Pony rocks. I totally lost the shard collecting game this weekend, because we moved. There is some insane players out there. I tried keeping up every time I had two seconds, but I was 19 places out of the winning race last night, when I passed out. Anyway. Side note. Dangerous game. Don’t start playing it.

The rest of the Saturday we spent taking down our house. Just Aston and me. Roof tiles.


A thousand screws. And the poles. 8 poles, a meter down in the ground, all of them past the water level, meaning that there was vacuum pressure in the holes.


I won’t lie. It was horrible.


And we spent all Sunday finding a trailer we could borrow for more than three hours, and moving it, along with the rest of our stuff.


It arrived safely. Now we just have to set it up again. I will need friends for that. I cannot do that alone with Aston. At least, I don’t think so. I didn’t think we could take it down alone either. What do you know…

So here we are. I’ve been offline a lot lately. This is why. My head has been exploding with worry over if Tardis would run through the fence, or if Ablaze would be unable to handle the move, or if Marble would go lame, or if Apocalipse would get a tummy ache from the grass, or if Saleem would get spooked and withdraw into his old coat of mental armor, or you know… stuff… But I hope we are settling in now. Fingers crossed.



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4 Responses to Moving

  1. jen says:

    All the pictures are stunning! What an enormous undertaking to move all the horses, their stuff, and their house. I can’t even imagine!

  2. Joan says:

    We have had to move several times in the past as we had to rent our pasture also. Fortunately 18 years ago we were able to sell our coastal home and purchase our permanent farm where our horses and ourselves will live until end of time! We can relate to water filled holes with hydraulic pressure! Our 64 year old Ford tractor sometimes barely has enough pulling power, using loader arms with chains, to remove posts when we need to change fence posts for new or reconfigured fence lines. It is especially difficult if we have had a wet winter /spring.

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