The Legacy, Time Lock, Cover

I am slowly preparing the release of Time Lock, the second book in my science/fantasy series, The Legacy.

It has been ready for some time, actually, only I can’t quite settle on a cover. It has been driving me insane for a while now.

Time Lock is, I guess, more than just the second book in my new series. It is also my goodbye to the equestrian world.

When I wrote Surviving the Equestrian World, I believed that it was possible to “train with kindness” and still compete in equestrian sports. I guess you learn as long as you live. There really is no such thing as competing and remaining fair to the animal in your care.

I am not renouncing Surviving the Equestrian World, as I do believe it has a lot of good things in it, and for those who is not ready to give up on the sport, it is still a good book.

But with Time Lock, I am sharing my darkest hours of the equestrian world, through the characters of my fantasy world. Those of you who remember the cover of Rockstar, the first book in the series, would maybe have noticed that I photo shopped myself as the band in the picture. I really don’t want to give my characters a face, because I like having people imagine them for themselves. Which is why, even the hand drawn covers of the Starstone Series, only showed characters from behind. With Rockstar, I used my own face, not to be vain, but to make it… faceless? I kinda hope that came across.

IMG_1935 FRONT PINKsmall

I am really happy with how that worked out, and it looks awesome in print. But that kind of got me stuck on the cover style for the rest of the series. Now, there is no recreating the first cover in an equestrian setting, and I kind of wanted this book to have a bit more color. Where Rockstar took the story into a science/fantasy world, Time Lock is not nearly as spacey. It is much more real, more honest one could say, and it is giving Naim a bit of breathing space, for the first time, ever. So, here goes, the preliminary cover for Time Lock.


I might still change it. I don’t know. I kind of love it, and at the same time, I am not sure it is matching Rockstar as much as I want it to do. But on the other hand, it is a very different book, and the cover should reflect that…

IMG_1935back final3

Also, this book isn’t all about horses, actually. Not at all. It stays true to my universe and it moves the story along, introducing a lot of important characters. It is not a “filler” book. It can’t be left out, even if that may be the impression I’m giving. In fact, I think it is the book I like the most in this series, so far. Give it time, that may change. But don’t be scared away by the horse on the cover. You don’t need to know anything about horses or equestrian sport, to read it. You don’t need to be interested in horses, to read it.

It is still science/fantasy, there is still magic, and elves and space ships. And I know, that having this to go on, not having read the book, its hard to tell if it is a good cover or not, but… I’d still like to ask what you guys think?

Should I change it? Or is it working?


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