The New House

We spent a lot of time last weekend, taking down the horses house, after we moved them. Now, its not that they don’t have a house at the new place. Its just that the new house is… well… traditional horse house style. Closed, dry, warm. Everything my kiddos aren’t happy with. Which is why I wanted to bring my own, open house.

But, until we get to raising my house, I decided to show the kiddos around in the new house, as they weren’t going near it on their own. I tried with a rope around Saleem’s neck, but he refused. So did Apocalipse. Rather than making a big deal out of it, I sat myself down in the doorway and started playing My Little Pony on my phone, waiting for curiosity to get the better of them. I just needed one.

I know, horsemanship is so much easier these days. Waiting like this is much less boring, with games and smartphones. When Poseidon and Apollon and Amalia were young, I sat for hours, doing nothing, waiting for them to come to me…

Anyway, Ablaze quickly started poking around me, unable as he is, to leave me alone. Tardis was right behind him, keeping an eye on her foal and once she realized that I was luring him inside this huge scary building, she pushed him aside and jumped in herself, ready to defend her foal from anything that might lurk in the dark.


The second she disappeared inside, the others came around. They were so not going to lose their Beta mare.


Yeah, there is a water cup. Ha. That’s gonna be funny. Anyway. Apocalipse started checking out the place and all of a sudden, they were all running in and out, having the time of their lives, seeing how fast they could jump in and out.


What I really liked to see, was that they could all be in there at once. Usually Tardis can’t be in the same house as the others, which is why I want two houses as well, so she isn’t forced to fit in if she don’t want to. But they were pretty amazing.


I never thought I’d see both girls inside the same house at the same time… The move has really done them good. They are a herd now. This is THEIR place. The old place was Apocalipse and Saleem’s. They were there first. Marble and Tarids was never really allowed to forget that they were immigrants. But here, they are all much more equal.


Hopefully they will remain so. My girls could use the peace and safety.


So, yeah. Here we are. It was pouring down rain today. They were outside. They really prefer the open space. But at least now they know where to seek shelter if it  gets too wet and cold. Hopefully we’ll get the other house raised in the weekend.


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2 Responses to The New House

  1. Joan says:

    That is a very well built/ open house. Our horses would enjoy it when the cold rains arrive in a couple of months. You have gorgeous horses as we do too. Were all so fortunate in having them. Were glad that all of your horses are becoming a single integrated herd.

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