Thunderstorm And The House

My aunt and uncle, and one of my band mates and her boyfriend volunteered to help the boyfriend and me, set up the horsey house. Planning it kinda happened on its own as they were available all four of them today. Perfect, right?


Trusting my luck, they were promising thunderstorm all day. I wrote to my aunt yesterday, saying “Look, they are saying the weather is going to be horrible. You guys still on?”

She was pretty unfazed by the promise of spending a day digging holes on my pasture, during a thunderstorm, so I figured that, okay. Maybe it wasn’t going to be that bad.

When morning came, it was pouring down and the online weather was warning us that the weather was going to be dangerous. I messaged my band mate and her husband, asking if they wanted to bail. I mean, really, no hard feelings.

Truth be told, I was kinda waiting for one of them to back out, giving me the perfect excuse to not spend the day in the pouring rain. But they did not.

So, we met up. And it rained. I don’t have a lot of pictures, because I spent most of the day soaked to the bone, despite my rain clothes, and my touch screen was over responsive. It gets that way when its wet. Which is why most of the pictures are out of focus too.


It went remarkably well, all things considered. Everybody managed to keep their spirits up and the ground wasn’t too horrible to dig into, so the poles was up much faster than I had dared hope for. Also, my uncle is darn tall, and my mates husband is really strong, so between them and three equestrians, it was pretty smooth, despite the weather.


My band mate is pregnant, by the way, so she was mostly moral support, but that really counts as well, on a day like this.

The kiddos showed up once in a while, to check that we were doing the work properly. Mostly it was when it was really raining, they sought out their old house, and got pretty disappointed that there was no roof on it.


Because you know, the new house is impossible to use on a day like this. Who wants warm and dry during a thunderstorm? I’m actually really proud of them. They weren’t nearly as much in the way as I had feared they would be, and they handled the strangers on their pasture without problems. Ablaze only reared against my mates husband once… So that’s pretty good… He was wet and tired… And I’ll stop making excuses for him some day… But it is not this day!

Okay, I’m tired. You guys got the LOTR reference, right? Never mind.

All in all, it was a pretty good day, despite the weather.


We got much further than I had dared hope for. In fact, we only needed to place the roof tiles, when the weather finally got the better of us and we had to quit. And I don’t think I scared my friends away, too much… So that’s pretty awesome.

Also, THANK YOU! All four of you! It was amazing! Don’t know what I’d do without you guys 🙂

And this song just showed up on the MLP playlist I’m listening to on Youtube, so that can’t be a coincidence.

That’s right. I’m tired, I’ve been wet all day, and some moron signed me up for Chuck knows how many hours at the gym tomorrow, and I’m listening to My Little Pony on youtube, while playing the pony game because… There is this event in the game, that runs out a little past midnight and I… Maybe need help. But I can’t go to bed just yet. Must win that digital pony… Must… Damn you Hasbro…

But, my kiddos are almost settled now. “Just” need the tiles placed. Some day when it’s not pouring down. It is going to be good. I’m pretty impressed that we managed to take it down and get it up again. Almost.



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