I bought my very first smart phone this year in January. I never wanted one because when it was cold at the stable, my hands always got too cold to navigate the touch screen on the boyfriends phone, and I was terrified of standing in the stable one day, with a sick horse, and a phone that wouldn’t respond.

But, I found a Nokia Lumia 720 that promised that I could use it even while wearing gloves. Right from the get go, it was glitchy. It kept turning off on its own accord, and when it did that, it was completely out. No talking to the computer, no recharging, no restarting. Nothing. Then, 5 or 10 minutes later, it would jump back into life like by magic and ask for a pin code. Aside from the obvious problem with it doing it when I was sleeping, and as such not triggering the alarm clock, because I hadn’t given it a pin code, I learned to live with it. I hate asking for help or taking something back. I really don’t want to be a bother.

The camera was glitchy too, once in a while it would overexpose the pictures and go green screen. I could always reset that, though, by restarting the phone.

And let’s not talk about how it refused to sign into Tumblr, or how it would crash every time someone I followed on Instagram posted a video. But all in all, I adored this phone. It suited me. It really did. I always liked Nokia.

Even if it doesn’t support My Little Pony or Pokemon Go…

But the other day, I was watching Supernatural on the computer, while tweeting on my phone with one of my besties from France. I know that Twitter is hard on the phone and it was kicking me off the page at random, but it mostly got the job done. And then I noticed the cat being adorable and figured I’d open the camera and snap a picture of her.

So, without closing Twitter, I pressed the camera button. The phone instantly turned black screen and wrote “resuming” across it. It means that it was thinking, while processing the request I made. It did that a lot so I didn’t instantly panic. When it had refused to move on from “resuming” for a while, I pressed the windows button. That usually takes it back to the “Home” page, closing twitter and whatever else it couldn’t work out how to handle.

Nothing happened. I then tried shutting it down. Nothing. Just nothing.


And then the screen timed out and the phone was gone, only it wasn’t turned off, it was just utterly none responsive. I tried recharging it, and the screen lit up again.


So I connected it to the computer and emptied it of my pictures and music. That worked. Luckily.

I bought this phone online, from YouSee.

I figured I could just take it to one of their shops and have it fixed. Or something. It is less than a year old, and there wasn’t a scratch on it.

So naive me, I drove to their shop at Rosengårds Centeret to hand it in. I am still in shock.

First, I had to wait an hour at the shop, before they even had time to see me. Then, the guy refused to help me. He said that he needed a receipt. Otherwise I could have bought the phone anywhere!

I asked him to just look it up in his system. Everything is online now. My YouSee is pretty easy to use, and every single detail you could ever need on me and my phone was right there at the edge of his finger tips.

He could not do that! If the phone had not been bought at that particular store, there was no way he could look it up! And six months ago, when I bought my phone, they weren’t YouSee, they were TDC at this store, so he couldn’t possibly find me!

I could already feel my brain melting, asking him how that could be? Could it really be true that because I bought my phone online, through THEIR online store, I had no safety net? No warranty?

He said he needed a receipt. If I had bought it online, I would have an email receipt. Which would have been easy to show him, if my phone had worked, but it did not, you know…

Luckily I had the Dark Mare phone with me and I called Aston and asked him to send the receipt to my work email. He did. And I showed the dude.

He said that it wasn’t good enough. It was just an order confirmation. Not a receipt. There was no way he could accept that.

I told him that it was all I had on it. He refused to listen or hear anything I had to say.

Honestly, he was condescending, demeaning, rude and downright mean. I have rarely met anyone who felt that they had the right to treat me like that. I was so stunned that I could feel myself falling apart.

I called Aston again, to ask if we had ANYTHING else on that phone, but when he picked up, I could not speak, because I was crying, so I just handed the phone to the dude. He then proceeded to be kind and friendly to Aston, while sticking to his story about not being able to do anything.

I was stunned. On top of his complete refusal to do his job, he was clearly disrespecting me because I was a woman, since he was so polite and friendly to a stranger on a phone and so mean to me. Once he hung up, I took my Nokia and left.

I then called their online phone line and the woman I got on the line there, told me that he was an idiot. He could easily look me up and the email I had was all they ever sent out, so that was the email he needed. She basically told me to go back and tell him to do his job and if he wouldn’t, to call her.

So, I went back, and Aston went with me. We told him what their call center woman had told me and he instantly started shouting at me, telling me to not make a scene in his shop. I could only reply with, that I was not the one making a scene. I was not even the one with the raised voice. But he needed to do his job.

I asked him for his name. Which made him even angrier, for a while, but then he turned to Aston, and calmed, ignoring me.

That kind of thing piss me off. It was MY phone, I was the customer. Don’t fucking talk to the man by my side. Look at me. Talk to me. You son of a… I kept quiet though, watching in mute disbelief. I can’t understand how anyone working a job like that, can have such obvious disregard for women. Anyway.

Aston said exactly what I had said, and the dude relaxed and listened and decided to help out. So it took me six hours, two drives to the store and a lot of verbal abuse, just the hand in the phone.

I had asked him the first time I was there, instead of sending it in for reparation,if he knew of a trick to jump start it when it was frozen like that, because if he did, I’d probably not want to send it in.

He had flat out refused.

Then, when Aston asked him to take a look at it before shipping it off, he instantly pushed the right three buttons at the same time and it snapped out of the “resuming” screen.

I was speechless yet again. That was ALL I wanted. Just show me those three buttons alright, and I would have left!

But now we went through all that hell, so I decided to send it in anyway. Clearly it isn’t easy with YouSee, to get help, so this close to actually having it looked at, I guess I shouldn’t back down.

I made a point out of taking pictures of it with the Dark Mare phone, before letting him have it.

And in the end, he did apologize if we had had a bad experience. “We.” Not me. Aston and me. Thanks. I wonder if I hadn’t had a man I could bring with me, if he would have ever listened.

I have never tried anything like this. All I can say is that I am NEVER buying a phone online again, and NEVER from YouSee. And if I need anything from them from now on, the shop at Rosengårds Centeret, is NOT the one to visit. I have rarely felt this violated, walked all over and bullied.

I showed up with my phone broken. My phone. My lifeline. My safety net for my horses, my contact to my online friends, my contact with anyone I ever want to get in touch with. The number for my hay man. Without it, how am I to feed my horses? I mean, come on. I needed help. And he kicked me in the face, even when I broke down and cried, he continued to kick me. Despite the fact that nothing I asked for was unreasonable and when Aston asked him to do it, he did.

Really, it is not that I am weak. I just can’t handle when people treat me differently because I don’t have a fucking penis. It always bothered me. It is completely stripping me of all human rights, degrading and demeaning me. I don’t have the words. My brain just jams when I run into a person like that.

So now they have my phone for the next 14 days, minus transport, so with the Danish post office, that’s gonna be a month. Speed of light, that company.

All in all, thumbs up to the YouSee call center lady. She was cool. Aside from her, I have to say, stay away from YouSee. I am pretty sure that the way this guy refused to help, wasn’t all because he was a chauvinist. It seems like company policy. Also, it is true. I don’t HAVE a receipt. Not a real one. They don’t write them out on purpose, it would seem. Even now, when I handed in my phone, I got nothing confirming that I gave them my phone.

Which is a little unsettling, looking back. I was just too thrown by it all to ask for one.


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