Moving In

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of the pictures in this post. My Nokia is still at the shop- I think, I haven’t heard from them at all, so that’s great. My Samsung, that’s my Dark Mare phone, refuses to talk to my Asus Computer no matter how many programs I install and who I threaten to kill, so I am left with two options for transferring pictures.

One, the clever one, would be turning on the Dark Mare computer and just transferring them over the network. Nice and easy. But that does force me to turn on that computer, and quite frankly, its a bit daunting. I swear, it’s heavier than me, sounds like a windmill and I am always terrified that I’ll mess it up somehow.

The second option, the less clever one, would be emailing myself the pictures and saving them one by one. Only takes twice the time, but you know, what ever, right? Wrong. Gmail destroys pictures these days. That’s new. Lesson learned. Anyway. So, these pictures are pixelated, curtsy of gmail and my laziness.

But I wanted to update on the horses at their new home and of course on our house building. We didn’t get to place the roof tiles the day we were building the house in the pouring rain, so we had to do that soon. Also, the horses has a house, but they don’t want to use it. They prefer to run outside, playing in the rain.


So I’ll be the one hiding in the house.


Trust me, it is pouring down in these pictures. It’s not just pixels…


Saleem and Apocalipse even started playing again. I have to say, its been the warmest September I can remember so far, so the rain does not bother them at all.




Now, usually I’d say that this was the huge difference between Saleem and his son. Apocalipse lowers his head and raises his back, while Saleem stumbles along with his back lowered, but look at this. He is nowhere near carrying himself like Apocalipse, but he is actually not losing his back either.


A picture like that will make me jump for joy for days.

At the old stable, the ground was drained, but it was still very wet. When we set up our house, there was loads of clay in the ground, which of course makes it wet and not exactly perfect for horse hooves. I knew that. But truth be told, most Danish soil is full of clay.

This new place though, is gravel. Believe it or not. It has actually been tested and found perfect for a gravel pit. Is that what its called in English? Anyway. Long story short, this soil is dirt and gravel. Not dirt and clay. And it shows.

All my horses hooves changed practically over night when I moved them. No more soft soles, or flawed frogs. They just hardened up and became shiny and smooth to touch. I have never seen anything like it. But looking at the improvement in Saleem’s posture and his usually tender hooves, I am not imagining things. This pasture is amazing.


Since I sleep better knowing that they have their roof, and since they only use the “real” house for looking at their own reflection in the windows, I had to get the roof tiles on my house.


Yeah, Apocalipse and Ablaze has never seen themselves before, growing up without windows. They do find that entertaining. Unless it rains on the roof. Then you have to run out, because that’s a weird noise, you know… Creepy house… It’s got walls and all… Who’d wanna live there?


I gotta agree though, that IS one beautiful horse…

Back to my house. My uncle offered to show up after work early in the week and help out with the roof tiles. I am still kinda traumatized by the last time we set them up, so having two men on the project, (the boyfriend included,) was making me feel less like jumping off a bridge at the thought of those roof tiles. Also, he is so tall, he hardly needs a ladder.


Which is pretty good, because the kiddos love ladders. And anything else they are not supposed to play with. Like screwdrivers and power drills and electric cords. I spent most of the time kindly asking them “don’t eat that,” and “please don’t touch the ladder,” and “could you not step on that cord…”


What can I say, my kiddos are very curious and always ready to help out with anything. Like eating the house, while we are building it. In his defense, I could have just let him eat the ladder…


Roof tiles are a bother though, no matter how awesome you are. It took forever. I bet my uncle is happy he found me now…


30 years of no contact, I never even knew he existed, and this is what I throw at him? I guess that is equestrians for you… Sorry 😉 They were really good though.


We didn’t finish the roof entirely, because it got too dark, but we only left a few tiles. Aston and I picked that up yesterday, hoping to finish the house while waiting for my hay man to show up. You did see the grass, right? Yes, we need hay. My kiddos couldn’t possibly live off grass alone, what do I take them for? Horses?

The hay man ended up talking for a while, since it was a new place and all, and so, it got dark again. So we are still missing a few of the support beams, but aside from that, its done. (No worries, as long as there is no heavy snow, the support beams are not important.)

The sun was murder today, and my girls found the house. I am so proud of them.


They just moved right back in. This was always their house, but they could never share it. So this is huge.


Of course, they didn’t have it for long. Once the boys realized that the girls was moving in, the showed up.


They are such a good group those three. If only they could be under the same roof as the girls.


But that’s why I wanted this roof up. I need two places of shelter for my kiddos, so I can sleep at night, knowing that if anypony is outside in the snow storms, come winter, it is because they want to be, not because they got kicked out.

All in all, it was a lot easier, moving the house, than I had feared it would be. Mostly because my uncle and his wife, and my friend and her husband showed up and helped digging the holes, and because my uncle came by to help with the tiles.

As much as I have been working out, I AM able to handle the roof tiles on my own now, (when we set it up the first time, I could not,) but I will admit, having two or three men around, does make things a lot easier.

THANK YOU GUYS! The kiddos approve of the house. Which makes it perfect.

And if this post is a little scrambled, I’m sorry. I am a little scrambled at the moment. I’ll get my head together, promise.

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One Response to Moving In

  1. jen says:

    The new place looks awesome – glad everyone is settling in and enjoying it! Love the pics of the horses admiring themselves in the windows!

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