My 10th Book!

I didn’t even realize until the other day, but Time Lock is my 10th book! That is so strange to think about. I started this blog 6 years ago, just before The Hand of Fate was released. And here we are. Ten books. And I’m no where near done writing.


I guess that is the curse of a writer. You are never done. There is always this story in your head, driving you insane if you don’t write it down.


So, apologies for the stupid pictures, it’s hard to pose with a bunch of books. Mostly because I am a writer, not a model. I prefer to hide behind my keyboard. Although I have been practicing my evil wizard pose…




Okay, so I still need to work on that 😂

If anyone is interested in the paperbacks, this is my page on Lulu;

And this is Time Lock, for those of you who just need the new one 😉

Enjoy 😉


And I promise I won’t do posts like this one too often. It’s just kinda huge for me, releasing my 10th book.

They are all e-books as well, on, just FYI. But as much as the kindle app is growing on me, allowing me to bring my stories with me every where in a way I never could before, there is still something special about holding the printed version in my hands.

I know I have been silent on this blog for a while now, and I honestly feel really bad about it. It is not entirely because I’ve been too busy to turn on the computer. Most days, lately, I have chosen not to. Sometimes I just need quiet in my head, to hear all the little voices that wants to tell me where to take their story next.



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