I got the result of Tardi’s blood work today. Turns out my phone is still messing up and my vet has been trying to reach me for days. They ended up sending me an email, saying, “call us!” Great. I’ll have to take it in again.

Anyway, Tardis has Cushings. Imagine all my years with horses, I have never had the pleasure of owning a Cushings horse. Well, here is something new to read up on then.


Ordinarily horses doesn’t get Cushings until they are old, and then you can treat them and prolong their lives with a few years. At least, that is mostly what I knew about it. And, of course, that Cushings horses are at high risk for Laminitis. But I already knew that about Tardis.

I can’t have an ordinary horse though. Tardis is born in 2009. She is nowhere near old. This is going to be a life long treatment, and hopefully it will prolong her life a lot, now that we have discovered it so early.


My next concern was instantly, if it is hereditary. My star foal, Ablaze, is her son. He doesn’t have her edemas, but he does have her floppy belly and he does tire easily. I’ll be driving myself insane over that until I finally get him tested as well. My vet says that since he is only 3 years old, it is highly unlikely. Which led me straight back to Tardis only being 7 years old, and highly unlikely.

And then it hit me. The medication.

I’ll have to give her a pill, every day, for the rest of her life.


This is Tardis. She hates when you touch her mouth. If you are not careful when you put the bridle on her, and especially when you remove it, she gets very upset. She can’t take it when the bit touches her front teeth. It took me years to get away with treating her for parasites without her trowing a tantrum.

Oh, this is going to be fun. But, the one thing I have learned in all my equestrian years is, that I find a way. I always do.


Truth be told, I am actually relieved. I know, I have just been told that my 7 year old mare has a serious, life long illness, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my heart.

This, I can fight.

Finally, something I can fight.


I will admit, that my worst nightmare was that this blood work came back negative, leaving me with a horse I felt in my heart was sick, but with no way of fighting for her. I felt like my entire 13 years with Apollon flashed before my eyes, when we took that blood sample on Tardis. But this time, I can actually make a difference.

So really, this is not the worst of news. This is not a sunset.


This is the dawning of a new day. Hopefully one where Tardis will get to live a long and happy life as an ordinary pony, and where in time, she’ll forgive me for stuffing pills down her throat.

I’ll make this work. We’ll make this work.


We’ll be resilient, like the spiders, covering the grass every night, their work only visible when the morning dew settles in it.


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