The neighbor of my pasture shot his cows today. I won’t say slaughtered, because that implies somehow that it is acceptable. That they are just meat. Truth is, no one is just meat. And every piece of meat is someone, and someone’s baby.

These two has been roaming the pasture next to my horses for months now. They have been adorable. Trusting. Babies.

Whenever their owner showed up, they came running to meet him. One dare say they loved him, or at least, they clearly liked and trusted him. Today was no different. They came running when he showed up. And they were shot. With a hunting rifle.

Imagine that.

Now, you might say that at least they were lucky. They got to have a good summer. Yeah? At least they had a good life. Much better than most.

No. Really. No. Just because others has it worse, doesn’t make it right.

Truth is, these two, were stolen from their mother, way too young. Their mother impregnated again, so they could continue to drain her milk and feed it to humans. Imagine that. Drinking someones breast milk. Isn’t it time we grow up already and let the baby cows have that? Imagine having your baby stolen the second it is born.

Any mother out there, imagine that. Any father. I dare you. Imagine.

And then they were put on a pasture, to live a few short months. Maybe they were happy. They sure grew to depend on their human. They were babies. They had no one. They were alone, scared, and without a grownup to lean on. They turned to each other and their human for safety. And he shot them.

So tell me again that they had a good life. A good four months. An animal that should have lived for at least 20 years. They got to be traumatized, scared, lonely, and in the end, betrayed by the one they trusted the most.

Now, you might think that they don’t understand what happened when they got shot, and truth is, maybe the first one did not. But the second. It sure did.

My horses did. And were were miles away, hearing the shots echo, and watching them fall in the distance. My horses all freaked out. None of them would eat. Marble started running up and down the fence, calling for the second one, after the first one went down. I swear, she told it to run. And it did. Just not far enough.

I get that people think that animals are stupid. That they don’t feel pain when they have their babies stolen, and that they don’t understand when someone they love, is killed.

It could not be more wrong. Animals form strong bonds of friendship, much stronger than most humans. And the pure love I saw in both Tardis’ and Amalia’s eyes when they met their new born foals for the first time, should never be denied.

My horses knew these baby cows, all the way across the fields, in the distance, and they understood what happened. They all paused and watched as the tractor lifted the dead bodies into the air and drove them away. Marble kept stressing for at least half an hour after they had been removed from the pasture and the rest of the day, she followed me around like a lost puppy.

I will never understand humans. I will never understand how you can take care of an animal for months, and watch it grow to trust you, watch it come running up to you every day, and then in the end, just shoot it in cold blood. There has to be something broken inside you, to do that. Some fundamental lack of empathy that is utterly beyond me.

Watching these cows get murdered today- yes, murdered- I kind of understand how we keep having war’s. How no one cares when the Syrian refugees are drowning in the ocean, trying to escape the bombs we throw at them. The human race is utterly without empathy.

To me, killing an animal like that, is the ultimate evil. I cannot think of anything more disgusting or cruel. They were in his care. They had faith in him. And he killed them.

And for what?

It is not like we need to kill, to eat. Not even a little bit.

Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments. You’ll lack protein, or vitamins! Jeeze. I wonder, where might the cow get it? The protein and the vitamins? Truth is, in this day and age, there really is no excuse for murdering and eating someone’s baby.

It is just cruel. Heartless. Pure evil. I can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’ll take animals over humans that eat them, any day. I really don’t belong in this world. I know that I’ll be crying for these cows for weeks now.

At least someone will.

Imagine all the others, the ones born in the factories. Don’t call them stables to me. They are not. They are factories. And if the human race had any dignity, they would all be closed and history would look back on us in shame.

I know. “Go hug a tree, you stupid vegan.” Don’t mind if I do. And do hate on me all you want. It still doesn’t make it right to eat someone.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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