I got my Charizard! I only had to walk 70 km over the Halloween days!


I won’t lie, I’m pretty busted by now. Between taking care of the horses, going to the gym, neglecting my work, playing the My Little Pony Nightmare Night event, and walking every time the battery on my phone had recharged, I really am dead on my feet. And if it wasn’t because the local Team Instinct was meeting tonight for some collaborative hunting and battling the other teams, I sure would be putting my feet up and doing nothing until I had to go to my stable in the morning.

But just because I made stupid plans for waking some more, with my new buddy, doesn’t mean that you guys have to. This is my new buddy, BTW. Boy, that’s a lot of yellow, even for Team Instinct… Pikachu doesn’t have to walk nearly as long as Charmelion did, that is pretty awesome…


Anyway, for those of you who feel like putting your feel up and doing nothing for the rest of the day, I envy you. Secondly, let me remind you that all my E-Books are free to download right now!

You can find all of my E-books on Amazon, or through the link on this page;


You don’t need a kindle, you can easily download the free kindle app on Amazon and read them on your smart phone, or your computer, or tablet.

So, if you are into Fantasy, The Starstone is a series of five high fantasy books. Elves, dragons, swords, magic, loads of shady characters, and no one you can really trust. Welcome to my crazy head. The books should be read in the following order;

hand of fate red front

Starstone – The Hand of Fate;


twins red front 

Starstone – The Twins;


crown prince red

Starstone – The Crown Prince;


Cover Red

Starstone – The Unicorn’s Horn;


Cover Red UK

Starstone – The Shadow of Time;


I feel like I should warn about adult content as well, they are not children’s books.

If you are more into Science Fiction, my follow up series, The Legacy, should do the trick, even if it is more Science/Fantasy than Sci-Fi. If one must be nerdy. I must. I can’t help it.

I am still writing on the Legacy series, and as such, only two of them has been published so far. The third will be out bright and early in the new year. Until then, here they are;

IMG_1935 FRONT PINKsmall

Legacy – Rockstar;



Legacy – Time Lock; 


Now, The Starstone and The Legacy can be read without each other, but if you do choose to read the Starstone first, you might want to pick up my Short Story Collection before moving on to The Legacy, as it contains a few stories that builds a bridge between the worlds.

front lulu

The Short Stories- Collection One;


Should you be more into poetry, This Song, might be worth a looksie. It does still contain a hint of fantasy, this is who I am, but it is a very honest and raw collection, dedicated to my childhood friend who died 11 years ago.

this song

This Song;


And last, but not least, Surviving the Equestrian World, my book on my horses, my life, and how I learned Natural Horsemanship, or my own variation there off. It is a book you can easily read without any knowledge of horses, and without any desire to train horses, although it is written mostly as a book highlighting all of my mistakes, hoping to help prevent others do the same.

Cover Saleem

Surviving the Equestrian World;


The offer is good until November third, so don’t wait too long. Three days!

Enjoy and do please share 🙂


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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