Be Kind

This blog has been quiet lately. I’ve been pretty silent about the American election. I know, so unlike me. I usually always have some snotty opinion on everything, right?

Truth be told, I don’t know what to say. Once Sanders was screwed over by his party, the election became a choice between one candidate that was just a little worse than the other. I have no idea what I would have done, if I had been an American.

I mean, I couldn’t possibly have voted for Trump, simply because I am a bi sexual female and that would have been shooting my own foot off. But Hillary? She is so pro-war, I would have had a very hard time supporting her as well.

I actually admire her. I hope that when I grow older, I’ll do it with the same dignified grace. But that is not enough to support the war machine she is representing.

When I first started voting, at home in Denmark, I would vote for the smallest left wing party and people would tell me that I was a moron, because I was throwing my vote away. Now, that party has more than doubled its numbers and has a lot of mandates in our parliament.

If I had to vote in the American election, I’d have probably considered voting for Hillary, to make Misha Collins happy. Who doesn’t want to make him happy? And then I’d have shrugged it off and decided that it was not a good enough reason to vote for a president to make some actor who’d never know what I voted, happy.

Which would have led me to a third party. Any third party.

Really, I don’t envy the Americans this choice. And as much as I hate that Trump won, I would have hated it almost as much to see Clinton win, but for different reasons.

I’ve spoken to a few of my American friends about this, both before and afterwards. Some was scared to speak their minds, some was pretty optimistic about that whom ever got elected would do a good job in the end. Some were deeply ashamed that Trump won.

Denmark is the last country to point fingers, though. We have a very discriminating, sexist, immigrant hating government. As much as we love to shake our heads at America, let us not forget who gave the power of our country to Dansk Folkeparti. The voters.

A party is only a party as long as people support them. A president is just one man. Trump won the election, because millions of people voted for him. That is what is scary. He, is not. He is just a sales man, who knows what to say to play on people’s fears, their hate and their insecurities. Those who follow him, they are the scary part.

If no one had followed Hitler, he would have been just one man. He did not run the concentration camps. His followers did. Those who believed in him.

That is what is scaring me the most about this. The voters. Those who are willing to let hate and fear rule their lives, at the expense of others.

And I know, some just voted for him because they did not want a female president. I am astounded that in 2016, gender is still an issue. But I guess I shouldn’t be.

Let’s hope someday, history will teach the future generations something useful so that this mess may be good for something.

Until then, I’ll go with Misha. Be kind. The only way to change things is to be kind. Tolerant. Open minded. Let us not fear the future, or those who are not like us.

I’ll leave the political scene with My Little Pony. Yes, you read that right. But this is how easily friends turn on friends, when faced with a culture they don’t understand. Let’s not do that.

And I’m not letting the #MishaForPresident die. One can always dream, right? There should be more Misha’s and Fluttershy’s in this world.


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