Cushings Update

Okay, so, Tardis was diagnosed with Cushings three weeks ago and started on medication.


With the promise of my pony growing a pink mohawk, I set about to give her a pill every day. At first, I thought I could just hand it to her in a piece of bread. But, the others instantly figured out that she got something they did not, and so did she. Which led to all the others wanting it, and Tardis thinking that there was something fishy going on, and refusing to eat it.

So I ended up cutting an apple in 5 pieces, handing all of them a piece every day, Tarids getting the sneaky piece with the meds in it. Luckily, not singling her out, made her much less suspicious, and the others much less cheated, so everypony is now happy and Tardis gets her meds without drama.

Let me start by saying that I was warned about side effects of these meds, the most common being loss of appetite, and depression. Tardis has, so far, not displayed any such side effects. Rather the opposite. She is much less aggressive towards Marble these days, she has a lot more patience with Apocalipse and she is even less afraid of Saleem. All in all, she seems, mentally, to be in a much better place. As for her body, I swear she looks much better. Here is what she looked like the day she started on the meds.


Big sloppy belly, that never went away after she had Ablaze. This is a 7 year old mare who has had one foal, three years ago. She should not look like this. The fat deposit on her neck is tense as well.

And she has a huge edema underneath the belly, including the udder that never quite went away, even after she stopped lactating.


It’s not that easy to get pictures off, but you guys see it, right?


Anyway, this was three weeks ago.

The picture below is two weeks ago, and already I felt that she was showing improvement.


Yes, the neckline is still huge and tense, but the belly was shrinking. The edema was still there was well.


Now here she is, three weeks later. I realize that most of you might not see a huge difference, but to me, this is everything.


Her belly hasn’t been this tight since before she got pregnant. And even if there is still fat on her neckline, it is now much softer and not as tense.


The edema is still there, but the vets did warn me that it wouldn’t go away quickly. It has, however, gotten much smaller and like the neckline, much softer.


All in all, I am happy dancing watching her progress. Three weeks from now, we are doing a back up blood test to make sure she the meds are working and that she is getting the right dosage, but so far, I have to say, we are very optimistic.


No pink mohawk just yet, though. That is slightly disappointing, but I guess you can’t have it all.


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