Dear PokeSpoofers

Dear PokeSpoofers.

Go home. Really. No wait, that is the problem, isn’t it? You already are home, and you shouldn’t be.

What I love about Pokemon Go is that it makes me go out every day. That is the game. Walking, running, battling the neighbors, in my case I have two school’s in my back yard, along with three pokestops and four gyms. Since the game was launched, I’ve been locked in a fierce battle with Team Valor, mostly, who seem to be very organized around here. No doubt they all live at the school…

I have had tons of fun, walking 400km since the game started, hatching eggs, catching pokemon, and fighting for control of the local gyms. My friends and I even travels around once in a while, claiming gyms outside of our neighborhood. Or, we meet up for a few hours, taking a break from every day life, going around mid town, not looking at shops and things we can’t afford, (except perhaps, My Little Pony, one must never walk past a toy shop without checking the Ponies on display,) but spinning pokestops and hunting pokemons.


Pokemon Go has been amazing. It really has. I have been outside in the rain, covering my phone with one hand, trying to make the touch screen work even when its wet, I have been having fun in the freezing cold, meeting up with strangers I found online, who were my team, when I asked for help to take down Team Valor at home.

14925788_1835554413343713_8342383468676442228_n 14938107_1835554420010379_6613380681133035145_nPicture Credits L. Andersen. 

My team turns out to be very serious players and we kinda meet once a week, to tear down gyms and build them up again. This is people whose names I hardly know, whose faces I would not recognize in daylight, that I look forward to meeting up with, for a few hours, in the freezing cold and dark evenings that is November in Denmark.

screenshot_20161108-203240 screenshot_20161101-222704

What makes Pokemon Go great, is not the game itself. Let us be honest, the graphic is cute but unimpressive, the connection issues with the servers and the GPS system is glitchy to the point of the ridiculous, and the gym battles are just plain horrible.

What makes Pokemon Go amazing, is that it makes you go out, have fun with strangers, and see the world around you. This is that makes Pokemon Go so unique.


Which brings me back  to the spoofers. Why?

I mean, if you wanna sit at home on your ass, playing a single player game, why not play a good game? There is a billion fantastic games out there, with stunning graphics, battles that doesn’t kick you off the server mid battle and kills off your entire team with no fighting chance, and much better sound. Why spoof Pokemon? The ENTIRE game, is the going out, and actually getting off your ass for a change. Speaking as a gamer, (you would have never guessed, would you?) I would never bother to sit at home and play a game as glitchy as Pokemon Go. Every time the error message showed up, I’d throw the phone away, if it wasn’t because I was usually standing in a dark forest when it did, and I kinda needed the phone for light.


But playing it at home? Why?

Also, you guys might want to try and be clever about it. Just saying. We have a local Zoo nearby. Loads of gyms in there. Some you can reach from outside the Zoo, some you have to buy a ticket, because they can only be reached from the inside. Taking those gyms, in the middle of the might, is not clever. That is the dangerous thing about being a spoofer, isn’t it? You run the risk of being reported, when you do stupid stuff like that. Because even if we can’t reach the gyms, we can still see your name, the second you claim the gym.

I’ve been battling spoofers a lot lately, and it is killing the fun of the game. Even the four gyms I have at home, has been overrun by spoofers, I am guessing, because of the cold. It may not be so interesting to go out anymore, but really, find another game to play then, and leave Pokemon to those of us who still go outside every day, to paint the world in the colors of our team.

I can take battling strangers, hell, I love that. Nothing more fun than a good poke-gym-battle, making you run from gym to gym, knowing the secret passageways around the school grounds, hiding in the shadows of the night, but to stand outside on a freezing winter night, fighting someone who is sitting on his ass at home, turning a joystick, that is pissing me off.

And it is very easy to find out if you are battling spoofers. You just walk the area, and if you have circled the gym, and not found anyone at the location, within GPS reach of the gym, and it is still being torn down, you know its a cheater.

I even fought alongside one, one day. That was a little funny, I will admit. This guy accidentally attacked a gym I was taking down, and ended up fighting with me. I, of course, looked all over to find out who was helping me, and when I realized that there was no one, I waited for the person to set up a pokemon at the gym. Yes, I would have reported him or her. But that person had seen me, in the battle sequence, and never claimed the gym. I will admit, I did laugh about that for a while. There is a lot of spoofers in the area, when they accidentally attack the gyms at the same time as you.

You have to go into battle at exactly the same time, not to be kicked off by the error glitch. Whomever that was, hit “go” at the exact same second I did. What are the odds of that…

Quite big, when there are so many people cheating, I guess. Which is sad. And again, play something else, please. Leave Pokemon Go to those of us who actually wants to PLAY the game. All of the game.

And Niantic, come on. That latest update is not cool. I will admit, it was WAY too hard, tearing down a level 10 gym on your own. Impossible, actually. I agree that it had to be easier to take down gyms, but to make it harder to train them? That is killing the game as well. My team is losing interest in meeting to build up gyms, because anyone can just take them down now, and it takes us hours to build them up. How about balancing the game, rather than just making it impossible one way or another?

Seriously, you need to fix the gym battles as well. There are so many errors and glitches, it gets very hard to keep up the enthusiasm sometimes. And the spoofers just make it a little worse, because while I have to spend a day, walking between pokestops, to get potions and revives, the spoofers just jump to where ever they want and come back, all stocked up.

I am not saying that you need to make your game playable against spoofers, because of course you should not include them in your game play, but I need a fighting chance here. Please, please, please fix the gym battle glitches. And do please close down people’s accounts if they spoof. Don’t just warn them. They can go play something else. Really. Sincerely. I love this game. I am trying very hard to keep loving this game.

Help me out here.

So yes, dear PokeSpoofers. I don’t report anyone unless I’m sure. But I don’t like people who cheat and I am not above snitching. Please, cut it out.


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