Cushings Update, And Hearts Warming Eve Tree

A lot of my friends has started posting beautiful pictures of their Christmas trees on social media these days. I thought the gang and I would join in, so here goes, our Hearts Warming Eve tree;


Trust me, we put a lot of effort into it…

I’ll get into the spirit at some point, I guess… Mostly I’m dying from impatience at the moment, waiting for the My Little Pony Gameloft game to update on Android, trying not to read too much about how awesome it is from those who has got it already… *sigh*

In the meantime, I figured I’d update on Tardis as it has been 5 weeks now, since she started on Prascend, her cushings medication. We are running new blood tests at the end of the week. Here she was, five weeks ago;


Notice how tense and swollen her neckline was. And the edema under her belly;


The tense neckline is soft now. It’s still swollen, but rather than feeling like a fresh apple, when you squish it, it now feels like an open and empty soda bottle. I know, weird comparisons, but that does paint the picture, right? I apologize for the quality of the following pictures, my Samsung phone still wont talk to my Asus computer, and the Dark Mare computer is working at the moment, so I emailed the pictures to my gmail, and well, gmail compress pictures these days. Mif. Anyway, if you can see beyond the pixels, here goes, Tardis from  this morning, after 5 weeks on meds;


The tense neckline doesn’t even show that much now, when she is relaxed. And the edema, while still there, is soft and squishy, rather than hard as it used to be.


Oh yeah, that’s another thing. She… is growing “pony fur” this year. Tardis never did that. I used to wonder why her fur just wouldn’t grow long. I’m a little at a loss here, because usually, cushings horses grow long, useless, thin and ugly fur. Tardis never did, she was short and “Arabian” sports pony-like, always. So, one reason for her long fur could be that she has got cushings, and it is finally showing in her fur coat. Or, it… could be that she is on medication now? And her body is… turning normal?

I sure look forward to the next answers on her bloodwork.


So far, I’m really happy with her progress.

And now, back to restarting the Pony game over and over and over… I need that update… Pretty please…


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