Fantastic Beasts And Tardis

Okay, so it’s actually been a good day today. Imagine that. This is a positive post. That hasn’t happened in a while.

I started the day at the gym, like always on Fridays, and then I came home and watched the new episode of Supernatural. I am not quite sure why I bother anymore, because by now, it is so utterly ridiculous and full of plot holes you could drive a train through, it is actually turning comical. Every single character is a funny sidekick now, and the story line is so pointless, even the characters doesn’t really care. I did find myself laughing at it this morning. That’s a good sign. I’ve been very sad, watching this awesome show decline, but to discover that I just don’t care anymore…. I guess that is something. I went through that with Doctor Who as well. I guess I just expected more from Supernatural.

Anyway, I then went to take care of my babies, and the sun was shining, and Ablaze was super happy and tried to lick my face all the time. How can that not make you happy?

And, here is what is really important. The vet called when I came home, with the results of Tardis’ latest blood tests.

She is… healthy.

All her numbers are within normal.

In just six weeks on Prascend, she has gone from numbers that was through the roof, to normal. I knew I spotted change in her.

The vet agreed when she took the blood samples last week, that Tardis did look better. That the belly was tighter and smaller, the edema was less tense and smaller… Stuff like that. But I couldn’t quite escape the nagging feeling that maybe I was just imagining it, because I wanted it to be true, and perhaps, my vet was agreeing for the same reasons.

This confirms it though. Tardis is a happy and healthy young lady, with just a single pill a day. If that does not have me walking on air, I don’t know what would.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my heart, and I didn’t even know it was there. For the first time ever, I have a horse with a chronic disease, that I can actually help. She might actually get to live a long and normal life now. Imagine that. I am so used to taking blows like,

“Oh, its the heart, failing, but no worries, that is very rare.”

Or, “It’s a ringbone, but you kinda knew that, right?”

Or, “Uhu. That is broken.”

Or, “Yeah, its the heart failing. But that is rare… What you had two with acute heart failure?”

Or simply, “he is dying, and we have no idea why, but all his minor arteries appear to have ruptured…”

This one though. Cushings. I can fucking fight that. My pony is recovering.


After that bit of good news, I took the boyfriend, (forced him, he is not a Harry Potter fan,) to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Now, I have the book, and I have to say, my expectations for this movie were very, very low.

Most of all, because through the My Little Pony game, I have watched the trailer at least twice a day, for weeks, in order to earn gems… That almost made me not go see it. I really, really grew to despise that trailer.

But it turned out, the movie was much better than I had feared. Funny how when ever I expect to be disappointed, I rarely am, but when I go see a movie I actually want to be good, it never seem to measure up.

Fantastic beasts is not an awesome movie. Most of it is computer effects. And I really do mean MOST of it. But it was cute, funny at times, and beautiful at times.

And there was this scene where Newt was trying to lure some huge beast into his suitcase, (don’t ask,) by using body language. I will admit, for a second there, I was almost offended. It seemed like they had seen someone use horsemanship, and like they had utterly misunderstood the concept. And then it hit me.

That is exactly what us “horse whisperers” looks like to the outside world. Even to most equestrians. Which had me laughing, more than it should, when I realized that I was that guy.

I have spent my entire life, rolling in the dirt, trying to win over dragons, and telling everyone who might threaten us, that they were not dangerous, so please don’t hurt them. If ever there was a character in a movie I should be able to relate to, it should be Newt.

When we were done at the cinema, it was raining and dark, and scooter and I went to feed the kiddos for the night. The boys were sharing one of the houses, and lo and behold, the girls were sharing the other. That is a testament to how well Tardis is doing these days, that she lets Marble inside with her, when it rains.

And for good measure, I ended the evening by playing Pokemon Go. I am a wee bit obsessive, and we are drowning in spoofers (dirty cheaters,) where I live, so I am making it my life’s mission to kick them out of our gyms at least once a day. There is one other from my team, who usually haunts our gyms, and I will admit, I was a bit afraid that he would start to think that I was a spoofer, since I am always there. This evening though, I actually met him for the first time, in the dark, pouring rain. That was really nice. I feel much safer now. And it’s always nice to meet another obsessed nerd on a dark and rainy night, while beating digital monsters out of our local phallus symbols. I mean, statues. *Cough*

By now, its 11 pm and I totally should be writing, or doing something that resembles work. Like edit the sound on our latest movie, for instance. But uhm… Well. I seem to be full of ideas for things to do that does not include working, don’t I?

Which is why I am updating my blog, I guess. That feels like almost work, without the same commitment, as if I had been writing on my books. This does not require brilliant ideas or thought through story lines. Maybe it should. Are you guys bored? If you are, I’m sorry. It just doesn’t happen a lot lately, that I have a really good day, so… I guess that to me, that was worth writing about.

I’ll come up with something more ingenious for my next post. Maybe. I hope. Don’t hold your breath. Nevermind. Go see Fantastic Beasts. I’ll at least make you smile, and you know what? That is worth a lot. It really, really is.


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