It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like I am totally neglecting this blog. I’ve been pretty hung up on this whole Christmas thing people tend to celebrate in December. For once, I’ve been game. Not because I’ve suddenly changed my mind about having to, you know, socialize, but because both my games has been running Christmas updates.

Pokemon Go has released a Pikachu with, well…


Come on, who wouldn’t wanna walk 55km in two days, to find one of those? I will admit, my team was making fun of me, the last time we met, because I was the only one who hadn’t caught one yet.


Clearly, I need to change my hunting grounds…. Anyway, the Pony game updated too, and I’ve been jumping through hoops to keep up with both Pokemon and My Little Pony and their Hearths Warming Eve storyline. Look at this. I got Professor Flintheart.


And yes, snow has come to Equestria. It is amazingly beautiful.

So, this is what I do, when I am neglecting my blog. Sorry. Anyway, there is one other thing, I do. Even if snow was here briefly, a few weeks back, it is gone again now. In fact, I think this has been the driest December I can remember. Fingers crossed it will stay this way. And now, for some picture spamming, just because Tardis has been on Prascend for 7 weeks now, and she is looking super awesome. Here is a picture of her and her son, waiting for the vet to take the blood samples to check up on her.


We really don’t wanna get up early around here. But once the sun is up, Tardis has remembered that she is in fact, Arabian.


I feel like I should apologize for the picture quality. These are all cell phone pictures, and even if it looks warm, it is freezing, so my fingers nearly fell off to take them. Also, I clearly need to learn how to handle the shutter speed on my Samsung….


But, we can still enjoy my happy pony, right?




And her son, of course. God, he is so beautiful. If I may say so myself.


And they make a wonderful team.


Much more synchronized than say, Tardis and Marble…


But just seeing them play with each other is amazing, so I am not complaining about their lack of showmanship.


Does she look good, or what? I am astounded by the change in her. I really am. Does she even look better than her son now?


It’s a close call. Now, I should not forget my two boys. Saleem is growing his mane long again, reminding me why I cut it to begin with. That “stand up straight” mane sure framed his neckline… Now, well… He looks like Saleem again, swan neck and all. Apocalipse has got his mothers neckline, though. Still, father and son;


And no, Tardis is not the only one playing these days. She may be the one I’ve been pointing the camera at the most, though. But here we are.


And my all time favorite picture;


That is my gang. Tardis in the lead, followed by Ablaze. Saleem and Apocalipse side by side, hedshaking both of them, Saleem with hay in his mouth, because he was interrupted while eating and Marble… running in the wrong direction. Does it get much better than this?


Well. Prettier, maybe.


And just to wrap this up, I’ll have to do before and after pictures of Tardis. (She has Cushings, btw.) This is the morning in September where we moved them to this pasture.


This is sometime in August as far as I recall.



And here, 7 weeks ago, when she started on Prascend.


And now.


If that doesn’t get me in a gleeful mood, I don’t know what would. Really. Although hunting Pokemon in the misty nights at the local swamp, with your best buddies, does have a special charm. I guess I’m not escaping Christmas this year either, so well…


Happy Hearths Warming, everypony. Uhu I think my cider store in Sweet Apple Acres has reloaded… Best be off.


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