Winterflame Cover

First off, I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas, had a very nice evening yesterday. Well, I hope those of you who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, had a nice evening too. Right. Okay. How is it that Christmas is awkward these days? I was never a huge fan of the concept, but it is a fairly harmless tradition. How is it that people get offended if you celebrate it now, if it is not your religion? Or, even if it is?

I don’t know. I just keep seeing people on social media wishing each other happy holidays, because no one wants to use the word “Christmas” anymore. And then I stumble over people getting offended that you say happy holidays instead…

Oh well. I’ll stick with My Little Pony and say Happy Hearths Warming. Hope you all had a great night. Anyway, that is so not what this post is about at all.

No, I am getting my 11th book ready for release, first month of the new year. WupWup!

Imagine that… 11 books… One would think I got tired of writing at some point, or that I would run our of words, but so far, it doesn’t look like it.

Now, I always hate writing the description on the back, because really, if I could tell the story in three lines, I guess I would, but here goes.

The Legacy Series, book three, Winterflame;

Siblings Rosé and Lace find that their lives as they knew them are over, once a wanted space pirate crosses their paths. Before they know it, they are thrown headfirst into a world of prophesies, legends and magic, where even the smallest actions have consequences they cannot foresee. 

Winterflame is book three in the Legacy Series and picks up the story of Naim, Kaleen and their family, twenty years after Time Lock, sending all of them on new adventures as the pattern of the universe refuses to let Naim disappear. 

Aaaaaaand, wait for it. Part of the cover.


I absolutely love this picture. And the back side cover I’m working on is just as awesome, if I may say so, but that is going to have to wait for another time. Not quite there yet.

But stay tuned, I’ll update about Winterflame over the next week or so. And set a release date. Promise.

Happy Hearts Warming everypony!


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