It’s that time again. The time to look back on another year that went by in the blink of an eye. Warning, picture heavy post. 

I guess it’s easy to focus on how 2016 has been a very bad year for musicians and celebrities in general. Losing both David Bowie and Alan Rickman, for instance, was quite a blow for me.

One could hang on to how horrible the American election has been as well, and how insane it is that Donald Trump won.

But you know what, I don’t think I’ll do that. Instead, let’s try and be positive. I know I’ve had a lot of fun, campaigning for #MishaForPresident


and #VoteRainbowDash, both of whom seemed like better president candidates that the ones there were.


Aside from that, 2016 has been a strange year. Most importantly, I guess, is the fact that I started the year with a letter from a sister I never knew I had, who introduced me to what is left of my father’s family, which includes an amazing uncle as well.


I know that being the “long lost kid” sounds strange and trust me, there are no words that can describe how weird it is to suddenly have a family, but it has been an amazing journey.


I only wish I could have known them longer, but I presume that there is no reason to cry over lost time, since there is no getting that back. I can only hope that I’ll get to know them better in the future. I will say that my sister is one of the few people I am around easily, which for me, is saying something. Even if we never knew each other until this year, there seems to be a strange kind of understanding between us that I don’t find with many people.

And I discovered that I was not the only writer in my family. My, now deceased, uncle was a writer, and my great, great grand mom, Clara.


Imagine that.

I did manage to make my twin sister take some new pictures with me this year as well, which is something rare. She hates cameras. No idea why. She was always super beautiful.


Well, one of us grew up great 😛

My friend and fellow writer, Noel Heart, came by this summer and we did an interview together. I still haven’t had time to edit it, shame on me, but it was tons of fun shooting it.



What we did talk about was, among other things, the two books I’ve released in 2016, my Sci Fi series, The Legacy. Rock Star and Time Lock.


Time Lock was my 10th book, by the way…


The third book in the seires, Winterflame, will be out first thing in the new year.


Dark Mare Pictures has taken up a lot of our time this year, mostly shooting science films for the University of Southern Denmark.




But we have had time to do our own things as well, once in a while.

Saber Still - 01d





And of course, to be the nerds we are. For instance, we slept on the sidewalk in front of Dragons Lair, because there was a sale… Don’t ask me how we ended up doing that.


Embracing our weird, I guess… It was cold… Really, cold. And sidewalks are very hard.


And of course, speaking of nerd stuff, I have to mention Pokemon Go, because that game has taken up a huge amount of my time since it was launched. I have walked 600km and visited 3000 something pokestops, won more than a 1000 gym battles and all in all, lived, breathed and played this game since I got it.

v__8a95 v__dcbc

Also, it makes going to the lake with your friends such a social event…


No, truth be told, I’ve actually seen more of most of my friends this year, plus, I have made some awesome new ones from meeting my local team members, due to Pokemon Go.


We have been out at night, in the rain, having tons of fun. The only thing that is greatly bringing the game down, is all the spoofers. If it wasn’t for them, it would have possibly been the best game I’ve come across this year.


Aaaand that is unfair, because I started playing My Little Pony this year as well, which is a game you can play at home, on your ass, without getting wet when it rains, and you can still beat your friend’s high scores. Or get beaten. Also, it has the cutest, sweetest animations, that can just make me stare at it for hours.


It is the perfect game for somepony like me, who has been collecting My Little Ponies since I was born. Now I get to have them in my pocket, on my phone, and play with them whenever.

Another geeky thing I did this year, was join Gishwhes. As much as I have hated watching Supernatural lately, I am still a huge fan of Misha and Gishwhes, (the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen,) and it was a lot of fun doing it.

I got to be a Bulbasaur.


And we mailed me from the local post office. They still look at me funny whenever I have to mail something.


I met Signe, one of my Gishwhes team members, who as it turns out, doesn’t live too far from me, so that was amazing. And we got married…



And my kiddos, the boyfriend and I made it into the Gishwhes Coffee table book, which is super amazing.


I also kicked myself out of my comfort zone this year and joined a local gym. No, not a pokemon one, even though that is a funny joke. I really do go to the gym everyday….


It has been one of the best things I have done for me, in a long time. As much as I have struggled with being in my own head this year, working out has really been a godsend. Not only have I despised how fat I became when I stopped riding and training horses and started shooting movies instead, but it also takes me away from my mind for a few hours everyday. Makes me focus on something else. Something that is not how I’m going to pay my bills next week or how I am ever going to let go of Janis. I guess that reclaiming my body is one thing I can control.


Yes, I’ve actually sought out a psychiatrist. I do know that I am drowning. But well, it’s not that easy for me, to ask for help. I was not raised to do so.

I was asked recently if it wasn’t lonely, being a writer. Just you and the computer. I truly never thought of it that way. I am never alone. I think that the time when I am the least alone, is when I am with my characters. Not that I can control them anymore, they escaped me a long time ago, but we know each other inside and out, and I am giving them a voice and a life they would not have had without me, and they in turn, are giving me a safe place.


Sorta. Sometimes they do get kinda bitchy.


I guess that what I am saying is, that by all means, I should be okay. I love doing what I do, I get to have my horses, and my boyfriend, and my amazing friends in my life, (online ones count as well, kisses May ❤ ) and it may be time to try and work out why I am just… Not okay. I will. I guess I owe my kiddos and the boyfriend, and myself, that.

Speaking of horses, 2016 was the year where I decided to quit the halter.



And ropes, as much as possible.



It has been amazing, watching the kiddos grow to trust me even more, as I stopped forcing them to do things. They come to me now, and everything I get from them, they choose to give to me. That is true magic, if you ask me.



2016 found us new pastures.


We moved without drama, me walking Tardis and Ablaze, Aston walking Apocalipse and Marble, and my twin walking Saleem. The whole gang on the road, at 6 am on a Saturday, to avoid traffic.

And then my band mate and her husband, and my new uncle and his wife, showed up in the pouring rain and helped me raise our house again.


I am forever in their depth. I cannot believe they did not bail on me. I would have weaseled out of that wet date, if I could have… These guys are just amazing.


The kiddos settled in beautifully, and they have been much happier and much calmer on their new pasture, than they ever was before.



We discovered that Tardis has Cushings, which has had a huge impact on our lives as well. The medication has been fantastic, she is looking much better and she is much less stressed out. I know that getting a diagnosis as severe as Cushings for your 7 year old mare, should be a blow, but it was not. It was a way for me to finally help her, because the way she looked and felt, had been bugging me for a long time. Now, this is the pony I wanted her to be.


I cannot believe how quickly she has recovered on the meds.

From one sunshine story to quite the opposite. 2016 was the year we lost Life.


There is no way I cannot mention her. She was a HUGE part of our lives, as she came to us three years ago, nearly frozen and starved to death, but she fought her way through it all and recovered to become the most wonderful, strong willed, loving, little lady, I have ever known.


She was always there, no matter what we did.



And she shared my love for ponies.


Our lives sure are much paler without her.


I cannot believe how much life, how much persona, there was in this tiny creature and the injustice of her life, and her untimely death is impossible for me to grasp. At least she got to be loved for a short while. And forever. I hope she knows that.

Shy, our other rescue, is doing great, by the way.


She is a very happy young kitten. I hope she gets to be more than three years old.

I had my faithful scooter stolen this year. Twice. I’m unbelievably lucky…


All in all, 2016 has had some very low lows, but some very good times as well.


As a writer, I guess it is not too bad, any of it. I’ll turn it all into stories some day. That’s what I do. That’s how I keep me from falling apart. I write.

And I create a world I can deal with.


Happy New Year, to all of you. Thanks for following me year in and year out. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Let’s count on 2017 to be a good year. Fingers crossed.



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