New Years Eve On My Pasture

Happy New Year!

First day of the new year, and my 11th book, Winterflame, is ready for release!

It is book three in the Legacy Series.


Link to the paperback;

Link to the E-book;

Brief description;

Siblings Rosé and Lace find that their lives as they knew them are over, once a wanted space pirate crosses their paths. Before they know it, they are thrown headfirst into a world of prophesies, legends and magic, where even the smallest actions have consequences they cannot foresee. 

Winterflame is book three in the Legacy Series and picks up the story of Naim, Kaleen and their family, twenty years after Time Lock, sending all of them on new adventures as the pattern of the universe refuse to let Naim disappear. 

And now, for a few pictures of the gang, from the calmest New Years Eve we have had in a long time.


The new place was amazing, the fireworks were not right on top of us, but rather off in the distance. Imagine that. Nice neighbors. That is such a relief. And the kiddos were fantastic. I even managed to bid on three ponies on ebay, (My Little Ponies, that is,) while holding Saleem in one hand and Apocalipse in the other.


The other years, that would have been impossible, but Apocalipse and the babies were amazingly cool this year. Only Saleem was stressing, but he stuck with me. Luckily he is the kind of horse who finds comfort in a human, when he is unsure of the world. Aston and Tardis rang in the new year together, as she did not want to eat with the boys, but considering how she used to be stressed as well, she did remarkably well.

I don’t have any pictures of them, because every time I tried pointing the camera in their direction, Saleem shook his head and it got all blurry. So here is one of Aston and the boys instead. Still blurry… Oh well…


I know that spending the new year on a pasture might seem strange to many, and I will say that as awesome as the kids were this year, we may not have to, next year. But I kind of think I want to. Not only does Saleem still need a bit of help, getting through the night, (I’m sure Apocalipse could help him, and they would be alright,) but mostly, I really like hanging with them.

By now, I couldn’t imagine ringing in the new year without my babies.


There is no other place I’d rather be.

We stayed until 1,30 am and even then, when we were heading home, Ablaze tried crawling into Aston’s bag. Yeah. This is how the new year should start.


Surrounded by the ones you love the most. I hope you all had a New Years Eve as magical as mine and that all of you made it into 2017 without injury!


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