Tardis Update

I’ve been so busy lately, I completely forgot that The Shadow of Time was free to download for three days last week. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it anyway 😉

I guess I’m super distracted these days. But, I think it’s time for a Tardis update, since she has been on medication for Cushings two months now. Here is what she looked like on the day she started on the meds;


And here she is now, two months later;


(Picture crushed by gmail, since my samsung phone still won’t connect to my computer…)

I do think that is amazing. Her swollen neckline is almost gone, her big belly, all her extra fat… She is looking like a smart Arabian again now. And she is so much better with Marble, sharing the house with her for the first time ever, without drama.


So maybe I don’t ride her, and it could be hard to tell if she has got more energy now, but I dare say that her mental state is improving, much like her body.

I love seeing her transform into the pony I knew she should be, day by day.

Speaking of transformations, my boys seem to have a thing for turning into muddy beasts.


We’ve just had a week of frost, and now, it’s raining again and the gang looks like mud-monsters. The new pasture is holding up remarkably well, though, so I am not complaining. Neither are they, which is the most important part.

I got this picture of Ablaze the other day, where he was looking just like the perfect mixture of Poseidon and Apollon. I may be crazy, but I swear, when he has this look, I have my red boys back.



april 23-6

They are not even related. It’s not like when I look at Apocalipse and I see his mother, and everything she taught him, from her body language, to how to handle the alpha, to always filling up the mouth before drinking and spitting out the first mouthful of water, before drinking. She always did that, and he does too.

But Ablaze, is more of a feeling. Perhaps, I guess, I taught him the body language of my boys, since he was always my foal, and whenever I wear the jacket I wore the night he was born, he still sucks on it. I am pretty sure he doesn’t always know if it is Tardis, or that jacket, that is in fact, his mother…

And maybe it is more than that. Maybe, somehow, I do have them back, just a little, in this perfect young man. He is turning 4 this summer. Can you believe it? I feel like it was only yesterday he was born. Only yesterday, my boys died. Time is a strange thing. Saleem is turning 10. He is still the little one, in my head, even though he is, by far, the oldest on, my pasture.

Oh well. Let’s not go down that road.

I have made a few dissensions about my blog, though. Since I started it, back in 2010, I have made sure to write on it every other day, or at least three times a week, often at the expense of actually writing on my books, because I felt a need to update this blog instead, to keep it interesting. Alive.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not letting it die, but I am going to change my priorities, and start writing on my books again, first of all, and on this blog, second. Perhaps that will take away a little of the stressed out feeling I have when it comes to the internet these days. Anyway, that’s what I’m going to try, for now. So, if any of you should wonder why this blog is more quiet than usual, it is not because I’ve forgotten it. I’m just taking a step back, focusing on my books, rather than the internet.

I am writing on the last book in the Legacy Series, and it is a lot of story lines to keep track of right now, a lot of lives to honor and give fair space, a lot of story to… Not wrap up, but… Let go of somehow.

That was never my strongest side. Letting go.


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