Pokemon Go

I think this is the longest this blog has been silent since I created it in 2010. I can easily tell you guys why. Pokemon Go.

Yes, you read that right. Lately, that game has kinda taken over my life, more or less. When I started playing, I chose Team Instinct, because it was the smallest team. You know, the underdogs. I wanted to fight, not just ride on the back of others. Play the game, right?

And I was instantly outnumbered by Team Valor, where I live. They kept building all the gyms all the way up to level 1o, and back then, it was impossible to tear down on your own. I had to realize that I needed help, or they would kick me right out of the game. So I found my local team members on face book.

Now, it has taken a while, but by now, we are pretty much a well established team around here, ready to jump into action at anytime. And I do mean, anytime. I don’t think I’ve slept much for the last 14 days, because we have been out defending our gyms at 3 am, and of course, torn down some of the others, on retaliation, when they have attacked us. Truth is, we are probably destroying the game for most of the players in our neighborhood, because we are so organised and so ready to fight. None of our gyms are lost for more than an hour, usually, before we assemble and reclaim them.

It is very easy to tear the others down as well, when you are 7 or 8 players at the same time, fighting together, and training the gyms back up is fairly easy too, when you are that many.

We have run into some annoying complications though. Building lvl 10 towers effectively keeps spoofers away, which was why we started doing it. Clearly, people who don’t bother to go out, but would rather cheat and sit at home hacking the game, don’t bother to fight lvl 10 gyms either.

But we have noticed that our gyms have a level knocked off on a regular basis, kicking out some of our younger, lower level players, only to have someone else take the spot instantly. In short, some players have multiple accounts and when they see a well defended gym, they log onto their blue or red account, attack the gym, take a level down, and then they log into the yellow account again, to take the spot from the “little” player they just kicked out. I live nearby 6 of our gyms, I can see it happen from home. Some of my fellow team members live near other gyms, it is very easy to spot, those who stab their team members in the back like that.

I posted their names (in -game names,) on face book, and asked them to stop attacking their own team. That brought along a lot of drama, since some people clearly think that it is okay, since it is only making the gym stronger, replacing the weaker players.

I have to say, I don’t care how strong a gym is, I care that the players who were with us, at 3 am, fighting in the freezing cold to build the gym up, get to keep their place in the gym, and if they lose it, it has to be because someone from the other teams actually tear the gym down. That is the game. Stabbing each other in the back, that is just sad. But Niantic doesn’t seem to mind?

So, among spoofers, cheaters and real players, our little team has had our work cut out for us. I will admit, we have let some towers fall, when they were attacked, because at some point, defending cheaters, gets bothersome. And if Valor comes by and kicks them out, we can’t help it if we hold back on defending, just a little, once in a while.

That said, I am having way too much fun with this game. And the My Little Pony Game, and I must confess, I surrendered to the commercial videoes in the pony game, and downloaded the Dragon Mania Legends game as well. Holey… that is so cute. Which means that when I am not at my stable, or at my (actual) gym, I am either playing pony, dragon, or pokemon, these days…

I haven’t written a word in 14 days. And I am actually looking at the watch as I write this, because we are going out tonight, to reclaim two lost gyms, and of course, revenge destroy a few of Mystic’s lvl 10 towers. Don’t mess with us. We’ll get out torches and pitchforks and come for you.


Or, well. Our phones and powerbanks…


screenshot_20170125-220724 screenshot_20170120-224051 screenshot_20170117-200931

Yes, way too much time. I’ll get back to writing tomorrow. I swear. Every time I am out battling, I can feel my characters, standing behind me, shaking their heads. But it just looks so good, when everything is yellow around here…

16266209_1400644103313300_1086736920934847427_n 16002844_1388082821236095_8145200517699021520_n


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