Ibn Saleem

Since my Samsung won’t cooperate with my computer, I have a bit of a backlog of pictures that I haven’t showed yet, because I have to transfer then via the network and the Dark Mare computer. So, I guess it’s time for some pony spamming.

I know I have been posting pictures of Tardis a lot lately, since with her Cushings, her transformation after she started on medication, has been amazing, but I think it’s time to show off the boys again now.

We have had some changing weather lately. Mostly it’s been cold, and one day, it was really wet and freezing. The boys were cool.


I love how, since I stopped grooming them everyday, not even Apocalipse runs for cover in the rain. They might seem wet and muddy, but they have never been better than they are now.

And once I feed them inside, they don’t use the real house, but I can lure them under the roof, if hard pressed.


Yes, Marble too. Look at them, sharing…

Only Tardis does not want to share too much, and there was one day where she was actually so cold, I surrendered and covered her in clothes. I have not done that for years.


Or well, she usually gets me once or twice every winter. We take it off a few hours later, as soon as it stops raining too much. I am actually very optimistic about her now that she is on meds, and fingers crossed, she will grow just as strong as the others, next year. I know that Cushings destroys the fur coat, so maybe she’ll be tougher next year. I am looking forward to find out.

Because when its not raining, she looks like this;



So amazing, seeing her like this… Anyway, the boys. Yes.

Saleem is still Saleem…


Fine motor skills was never his strong side, but he is still improving a lot, after we removed his shoes. Is it two years ago, by now? I think so. He is starting to rear up against Apocalipse now, when they play, and he doesn’t always look like he was pushed into it. That is pretty amazing.


Although, as far as walking on two legs go, I have never met a horse as natural as Apocalipse. Yes, perhaps his late mother. But this horse… I never tire of looking at him. The raw power, the refined touch, the superior balance… No matter how much Saleem is improving, Apocalipse is one of a kind.


And he is so careful, not to touch his dad.


Because no matter how superior Apocalipse is, Saleem is the alpha around here, and Apocalipse does not question that.




Saleem is perfect at teaching the little boys how to fight without contact. Ablaze is learning too, even though he is not sure he is allowed…


Nothing compares to what Saleem and Apocalipse has, though. Those two are so wonderful together.




These are all cell phone shots, by the way. It speaks volumes, how safe I am around them, how careful they are, that I can take pictures like this, with a cellphone and no zoom.


Which is why there isn’t any pictures of Marble and only “running by” pictures of Tardis. The girls are very much into contact sport, and they are gunning for me, when they get excited. The boys know it too. Here we have the perfect picture of Tardis and Marble attacking each other and Saleem and Ablaze instantly pretending to be invisible.


When the girls bitch, you stay out of it.

And slink off to play with your son.


I know its a cell phone shot and it’s kinda blurry, but I have to zoom in on that… Here goes, my Llama;


And look at that back, on Apocalipse… That horse is magnificent…. Truly… If I may say so myself. And I may. This is my blog. He sure is “Ibn Saleem.” (Translates; son of flawless.)


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