I was on the bus yesterday, going to the harbor for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon Go while the valentines event is going. Yes, you read that right.

While on the bus, I was of course, playing, watching my little avatar run like crazy to keep up, and as amusing as that is, I cannot tune people out. I hear every word that is said, in every corner of the bus, no matter how much I try not to listen.

There were these two persons, a man and a woman, sitting a little while away, one of them charging her phone from the bus. The man suggested that she just got a power bank for it, that way she could play Pokemon Go as well. She instantly shut him down, and told him that that game was so stupid, she’d never even consider it.

Meanwhile, I was sitting with my powerbank, very obviously playing, a smile creeping onto my face, when he answered. He said he had played, you know, when the game was new. He even took part in some of the city march events. Geek alert, right? But of course he was so not playing anymore. Stupid game. Really.

It is funny, isn’t it? How someone who doesn’t know the game can, not just take away your joy for the game, but also make you deny ever having liked it in the first place? Geek alert? Really? Through out the conversation, they were playing some other game on their phones, clearly very into that, both of them. So what if you are a geek? That just means that you have found something you like and that you are willing to spend your time on getting good at it.

A lot of my friends, who play Pokemon Go, tend to do so after dark, or in secluded areas, and if confronted by strangers or even people they know, they say that they are only playing on their kid’s account, you know, to help them out a bit. They hate when people look at them funny.

I always thought that was part of the fun, with a game like that. Having people look at me funny. Yes, I play, yes it is MY account, and if I had a kid, it was so NOT touching it. This is my game and I am darn proud of it. Yes, I am a geek with a very obsessive personalty and I don’t mind that people shake their heads at me when I meet them in the streets because I have to run off and catch a nearby pokemon all of a sudden.

What I do mind, is people who have no idea what they are talking about, trying to kill the game for someone else. Like the girl in the bus, who clearly thought it was stupid, and the boy who instantly felt that he had to agree. That, I despise.

I have grown up with My Little Pony, and it is rare people I can tell that I collect, watch the show and play the game obsessively, but those who do not flinch when I do, they are the ones I know I want in my life. Anyone who shake their heads at the My Little Pony game, instantly lose my respect, because they doesn’t know it and they judged it based on one thing only. It is a game, and a series, made for girls, and clearly, girls are not cool in their eyes. I have come across a lot of people as well, who I have told about the pony game, and who has instantly shrugged me off, and belittled it, until I told them that my boyfriend plays it too. Then they wonder if it is any good.

That pisses me off. So, if a boy plays it, it must be good, but if a girl play a game made for girls, it must be stupid? Am I getting this right?

What they are really saying is that his opinion is more valuable than mine, simply because he is a man. Isn’t that wonderful?

It is so easy to belittle others and what they like. I had a friend tell me on instagram that I should play some other game, rather than “that silly Pokemon Go” game. I will never understand why people need to say stuff like that. Clearly, I am LOVING Pokemon Go, clearly I am obsessing over it, playing it night and day, why tell me that it is silly?

It may be silly to you, but keep it to yourself, because to ME, it is the most amazing thing that has happened in a very long time and if you really were my friend, you’d have no need to tear it down, now would you?

The thing about Pokemon Go is that it can be played alone or as a multiplayer game. I love spending days alone, walking the streets of the city, collecting potions and poke balls. I love how it makes me get up and go, rather than leave me in my bed, drowning in my depression. I love how this game makes me fight, makes me build something, and most of all, makes me go outside in the freezing cold.

I love too, how my team is amazing at meeting up and reclaiming “our” gyms when they are lost. I love how I have met a gang of people almost as obsessive as me, and ready to run out at 2 am to battle down a gym, just because. I was never really the kind of person to have a lot of friends, and I am not even sure if my team are my friends as we hardly know each other and I am not sure what most of them looks like in daylight, but they sure are people I love spending time with. People who needs to know nothing about me, or my life, as long as I show up when they need a soldier. People who show up when I call, because I need back up with a gym. That is priceless to me.

I apologize for this little rant, I guess hearing those two on the bus got under my skin. Not because of the game, nothing anyone can say will ever make me lose interest in what makes me happy, but because of how we treat each other. That just gets tiresome. I felt so bad, on the boy’s behalf. And at the same time, I felt angry with him, for not telling the girl to shut up about something she knew nothing about.

So, once more, YES, I play My Little Pony and YES it is a game/show and toy series made for GIRLS which is what makes it AWESOME! And Yes, I play Pokemon Go and I LOVE it and now I’ll be off to catch some fairy Pokemon before the valentines event is over. And walk with my buddy while it gets extra candy. Buja. No wait, I have to tap a few ponies before I go…

But it this is that makes me happy, anyone who is my friend, should be happy that it does, and have no need to shoot it down. Killing joy is so easy. Spreading it is very easy too, if one stops to think before they speak once in a while.


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