Helping Hands

Hello. I’m still alive.

So, we moved. It was almost two weeks ago, and I managed to be instantly sick right after we moved, starting out at the new place with lying in bed for two weeks. Wuhu.

Once I was getting better, I decided to start working out again, since looking at boxes and all the boyfriend’s things was kind of driving me insane. So I made my escape one morning, as one of my favorite instructors had a latin inspired dance course.

I got up early, and planned for taking care of the horses on my way home from the gym. With the move, I can no longer just walk across the road to the gym, I actually have to start the scooter and drive for it, and I have been kinda worried that I would quit working out now that I had to drive for 20 minutes to get there, so I figured that if I could somehow make it fit with the stable chores, I’d have an easier time getting the scooter out of the garage.

I know this may sound obsessive, but working out has made a great difference in my life since I started almost a year ago. Not only do I fit into the pants again, I had out grown, but I am much stronger and find it way easier to trim the horses hooves for instance. And, it makes me happy, which is something worth fighting for, so yes. I am really hoping that I’ll stick with it, even with the move.

It turned out to be kind of a weird day. I packed my stable boots, and my stable jacket, since I couldn’t wear that to the gym, I had to remember to bring it, so I could feed the horses on my way home. It was a pretty cold morning and I was perhaps not all that well yet, feeling like my head was a bit of a cotton ball after two weeks in bed.

But I got on the scooter, bringing all my horsey clothes, and my gym clothes, thinking that this could work. I parked the scooter at the gym and instantly reached for my phone, since this was my old neighborhood and I had to check what my old team mates from Pokemon Go was up to with the pokegyms in the area. We had a rather serious falling out just before I left, and I was pretty sure that with me, attacking the blue gyms in my new neighborhood, (I wasn’t too sick for that,) the blue team had retaliated and started gunning for my old team, and I was kinda looking forward to seeing how much ground they had lost.

Yes, I know. But this place was mine. I had been defending it since the game was released and now, team instinct owns it, only since I refuse to cheat and play the game like they do, I played myself out of the area. So it felt kind of nice, watching them get their asses kicked.

Only, as I reached for my phone this morning, I felt my blood run cold. It was not there. I double checked my pockets, on both my gym jacket and my horsey jacket and no. Nothing. None of my phones, or my card holder.

Slowly the realization hit me. I did not bring them. Even worse, I left them outside my front door. As I left the house, I had them in my hand, and once I had to unlock the scooter, I put them on the mail box, because my horsey jacket was in the garage and it was the one with the pockets. Long story, that made perfect sense at the time, with the only down side being me, having left my two phones, and my cards, including my credit cart, and my drivers licence, sitting outside the house.

It also included my key card for the gym, and since it was a morning course, the reception was not open yet, so there was no one to let me in. All in all, I found myself standing in front of a locked door, on a cold morning, looking up at the sky, wondering if it was going to rain on my poor phones, back home on the mail box.

Luckily, one of the elder ladies who usually dances with us arrived and even though she could get in a lot of trouble for letting me in, she did so without hesitation. Smuggled me through, not just the front door but the inside security system as well. Yes, the gym is kinda well defended. And she could get a huge fine if she was discovered smuggling someone in.

Once inside, I had signed up for the dance class, and the system wants you to register that you have arrived, by scanning your key card, proving that you were in fact taking part in the class you signed up for, making sure that you weren’t taking up the sloth without using it.

Two hours before the classes start, you can’t resign your spot, so there I was, inside, but unable to tell the system that I had arrived.

As luck would have it, the instructor knows me and once I told her that I forgot my card, she logged onto the system and “arrived” me. No questions asked. I got to say, so far I was pretty amazed by both her and the lady who let me in. On a dark Tuesday morning, they were more than ready for helping out the nearest moron who left her card on the mailbox at home….

And, I had another favor to ask. Having changed, I snuck onto our “coffee and gossip” corner, which is a place I don’t come a lot, and found two others there, that I usually dance with. I don’t know their names, but I know their faces, from having seen them at class regularly.

When I told them that I left my phone outside my house, and asked if I could borrow one of theirs to call my boyfriend, they instantly offered. And when I could not remember his phone number, (seriously, who knows phone numbers these days?) they helped me google him and find it.

As much as leaving the house without my things was potentially a disaster, I have to say, it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in a long time. Three different people, two of whom I don’t even know by name, instantly bent over backwards to help me out, no hesitation and not a second thought to how it may affect them.

If that is not the kind of days that restores your faith in humanity, then I don’t know what will. And it assured me that sticking with this gym and these people was worth the drive. If they can make such an effort for someone they don’t even know, then I can get the scooter out of the garage, even when it rains, and go dance with them. Their kindness was all the motivation I needed. I am sure it didn’t feel like much for them, but to me, every single one of them was a life saver.

And, I made it back home without running into the police, which was pretty awesome, since, you know, my license was at home as well.

All in all, I learned my lesson. No putting my phone down on the mail box, even for a second, ever. I was just lucky the boyfriend was home, so I could call him and make him get the phone in from the rain, once we were done googling him.

And I was really, really lucky that most people are actually very sweet and helpful, once you engage them. I guess that is a lesson I need to learn a few times before I dare trust it, but it sure was an amazing day.

Once I came home, and told the boyfriend, he tried to comfort me and said that it was alright, nothing happened, you know, don’t worry about it. And I told him he was wrong. It was not a bad day at all. It was, in fact, one of the very best. And something did happen. I came home smiling. How amazing was that?


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