Supernatural Season 12

*Spoilers, if anyone still care*

I refrained from writing about Supernatural season 11, because I was hoping that somehow season 12 could get the show back on track. The season finale did not leave me optimistic though, but I held my breath and kept my fingers crossed. I mean, of all the things the Darkness could have left Dean… his mother? Are you kidding me? Do we want to watch an entire season of Dean, being a snot-nosed 30+ year old, whining to his mom about everything that is wrong in his life?

I really hoped season 12 would not be that bad, but well… It was worse. First of all, it felt forced to have Mary on the show. Mostly it felt like someone wanted the actress playing Mary, to finally get some screen time. And, I guess, they wanted to finally create a cool female character, trying to get rid of sexist the show is. Sadly, no one on SPN knows what a cool female character is, except for whomever got to create Charlie and Rowena and to some extend, Ruby.

Mary turned into a role that could have easily been played by a man, and that is not a cool female, that is the writers not understanding what makes a woman strong and independent. Being able to shoot someone in the face at point blank range does not make you cool. It really doesn’t.

So, yes, I hated Mary and the idea that she had to be part of the show for season 12. I was terrified that she would destroy Dean, and lo and behold, she did. They even had a scene where she TOLD him that he was not a kid and that she was not supposed to look after him. And Dean had a scene where he accepted that and told her that she was right, she did not have to read him bedtime stories, it was time he grew up.

Every inch of my soul was cringing. This is the guy who died for his brother, who suffered through 40 years of torture in hell, this is the guy who stopped (and started) the Apocalypse, and helped put Lucifer back in the cage. Hell, this is the guy who was killed, turned into a demon by the mark of Cain, and who set God’s sister lose on the world. He had to have a scene where he told his mom that it was okay that she did not read him bedtime stories?

Okay. Right. Moving on.

For a moment, during season 12, I was afraid that they would let the British Men of Letters take over the American hunters and simply end all ghost and monster activity in the US, leaving everyone happy and Sam and Dean to live a normal life. That would have been a horrible end to the show, and I am so glad that it did not go that way.

Other than that, I have very little to say about the British Men of Letters. Mick was a kind of okay character, you even managed to like him at the end, before he was killed. Ketch was never a character anyone liked and again, having Mary sleep with him did not make her cool or dangerous. Just stupid. If ever we tried to like her, we stopped right then and there.

I will say, that in the first episode of the two part episode that made the season finale for season 12, where Sam leads the rest of the hunters to kill the Men of Letters, I lost what ever love I had left for the show. Doubled with Deans “I love you but I hate you” speech to his mom, I felt like I was watching a train wreck and it was not even happening in slow motion. Someone did this on purpose. Someone wrote this and thought, “Oh the fans are gonna love it.”

Someone who clearly has not seen the first 10 seasons of this show. Someone who does not know Sam and Dean at all.

First off, Sam leads the hunters to kill humans. Let me repeat that. SAM leads the hunters to KILL HUMANS. Not monsters. Not people possessed by demons, which he would usually try and save, no, humans. Just humans. What happened to Sam? Because this episode had some guy who looked like him, run around shooting people, and that is NOT the Sam I have loved for 11 seasons.

What’s the line again… Saving people, hunting things…

Now we are just killing people? Great.

No matter how cruel the men of letters were, they were PEOPLE. Sam and Dean, especially Sam, always drew the line at killing people.

And, Dean let Sam go on his own, accompanied by two hunters who had shot them before. The Dean I knew, and loved, would NEVER let Sam go into danger alone. Period. Why now? To try and save his mom? Let’s be honest, Dean never loved anyone more than he loves Sam. Why would he choose Mary now?

Then we have Dean, whining to his mom, about how he had to raise Sam, how she let it all happen, how it was’t fair that he had to be Sam’s father and his mother and buhu…

What I used to love about Dean was that the one thing he NEVER complained about, was Sam. He loved him unconditionally, and his job in life, was keeping him safe. He never used to bitch about that. He could never imagine a world where Sam was not his entire world, and here he is, telling his mother that he hates her for doing this to him.

Wow. Seriously, I get that the new script writers and show runners have not bothered to sit down on their asses and watch the show from start to end, but someone, somewhere in the producers office should have stopped this. This is beyond bad script writing. This is a producer who doesn’t care anymore and who thinks that as long as Dean cries, so does the fans.

Well, all due respect, that is just lazy. And we are not buying it, and no one shed a single tear over this years finale. Just FYI.

Okay, some of the teenagers who actually thought you were writing Misha off, did, but come on.

Which brings me to the last episode of the finale. Let’s start with Kelly. She is carrying Lucifer’s child, she is told that she will die from giving birth to it, and that it will destroy the world once it is born. She is also told that maybe they can drain it’s grace and turn it into a normal human child, possibly saving her life, and the world.

Great. Problem solved. She did not want an abortion, but now she gets to live and raise her kid. Amazing. Right?

Wrong. She won’t let them turn the kid human, she would rather die from him, than have the chance to raise him. And she says she loves him.

I don’t know. If I was given the chance to live WITH my child, rather than die from it, I would always choose to live, especially if said kid might kill the world if left with its powers.

What I am saying is that clearly they needed Lucifer’s kid born with his powers, and that is okay, but the second they brought up the option of removing his grace, Kelly’s character stopped working for me. She had every option, and she chose death. Why give her the option? It just felt like a waste of screen time, since it led no where, except to ruin her character.

Then we have Cas. Here is where I would like to point out that I LOVE Misha. Castiel, not so much. I mean, he used to be awesome, he came into the show covered in sparks and shadow, as an angel, raising Dean from hell, believing in his God and in heaven. He was fierce, he was righteous, he was dangerous. He wore the trench coat the same way he wore his vessel. As something he did not consider, because it did not matter to him.

These days, he has been human, he knows that wearing the trench coat all the time is not necessary. It has become a costume, and to be honest, it looks like one, since they even shortened it to, I’m guessing, make it easier for Misha to move in it. Every time he shows up in that trench-coat, it kills the suspension of disbelieve. He is just an actor in a costume, playing the ghost of someone who used to be a great character.

And half of this season was spent by Dean, calling him, and Cas not answering. I remember a time when Dean would prey to him, and he would show up. “I always come when you call,” did not mean by cell phone. But now, they have this angel on the show, they have no need for and who they really don’t know what to do about. He is an easy fix to most of Sam and Deans problems. If he just showed up when Dean called, he could take care of most of the monsters they hunt. I mean, he is an angel after all.

Truth be told, having him on the show is a huge problem, and creates weird scenes where the script writers have to jump through hoops trying to find out why Cas does not show up when Sam and Dean needs him.

The other half of this season is spent by Cas being utterly impotent. He cannot find a pregnant human woman, so he is off looking for her, all the while half of heaven, Lucifer and a knight of hell, easily knows where she is. Great.

And when Cas is in any fight scene, he just gets his ass kicked. Even by humans. Amazing. What the fuck…

I am not saying, “write Cas out,” because I am like every one else, I adore Misha and I would hate to lose him from the show. But I am saying, make him cool again. Please. Handle him. Give him a reason to be on the show. Other than the fans adoring the actor. Because as much as it pains me to say it, that is just not good enough.

Then we have Crowley and Rowena.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Did they write Rowena out without even bringing Ruth on set? No death scene for THE single most important female character on the show? Come on. That is so undignified, so sexist, so shameful, I can’t even…

I am not saying, don’t write her out, but at least give her a death scene. Give her a worthy end. Even Abadon got a death scene. Lilith got a death scene. Sam and Dean has had a thousand death scenes. Let her go with an emoticon of grace. You guys owe her that much.

You guys owe the female fans that much. Even Eileen got a death scene. And don’t get me started on killing her… Of all the stupid decisions…

And Crowley. I don’t know what happened between Mark and the producers of the show, but I do know that I have loved Crowley since he came on the show and even if I, from time to time, felt that he had over stayed his welcome I did not want him to leave. Supernatural would just not be the same without this amazing king of hell who was so in love with Dean. I loved that dynamic, I loved how he was always his own character and how every time he did not show up to help Sam and Dean out, (like Cas,) he actually had a reason, be it sometimes simply, because he was just the king of hell and had better things to do.

I get that they wanted him off the show, for reasons unknown. And he actually got a two seconds death scene. And I mean, two seconds.

For a character as big as Crowley, the way they handled that, was almost as undignified as the way they wrote Rowena out. No, I take that back. They were not written out, they were killed off. There is a difference.

Crowley got to give his life for the boys, in the same scene (practically) where they made a tribute to Jim Beaver, bringing Bobby back on the show. Now, any other way, I would have thought it was cool that Jim got to be in season 12 as well, since he had not missed a season before, but like this, bringing him back and writing out another huge cast member, that felt disrespectful.

Ad to that, the second Crowley dies, we get two seconds to think, “wait a second, did he really die here?” and then Cas is killed, completely stealing any emotion we ever had about Crowley dying.

I mean, it’s Cas. Dean is left by his side. We all know that Cas is going to come back, as they are not writing Misha out, but killing him like that is completely ruining Crowley’s death scene.

You know what, I wanted Dean to mourn Crowley. Hell, I even wanted Sam to look a little sad that he was gone. I wanted a second to breathe, to say goodbye to a huge character who I had loved dearly. No matter if someone in the production scene and Mark had a falling out, no matter what happened, Crowley deserved better, and so did the fans. I wanted to be allowed to be sad for him.

Killing Cas was not only unfair, but down right stupid. It instantly made you numb as a viewer. Brought you right back to a world without consequences.  “Oh, he is dead. No worries. He’ll be back. Who cares.”

Killing Crowley could have ended this season in tears, instead it managed to end it with the viewers feeling even more uncaring and un-invested than we did at the end of season 11.

So yeah. I have loved Supernatural. I have loved Sam and Dean. I have loved Castiel and Crowley. I have loved Charlie, Donna, Jody, Bobby, Rufus, everyone.

Except Lucifer. He always felt forced, and now he is going to take Crowley’s place on the show? I cannot sit through an entire season with Lucifer as a main character. I just can’t. This is the end of the line for me.

I cannot find it in me to watch this show anymore. I simply care too much for the characters who are getting ruined now. I felt relieved when season 12 ended and there was a whole summer until the next episode. That is just sad.

I adore this fandom, I love doing Gishwhes, and I am not leaving the show. But I am leaving the last seasons. God, I hope season 13 will be the end. But I guess I won’t know, because I can’t stand to watch it.

Except… If Destiel goes canon, let me know. I’ll tune in for that. Other than that, I guess I’m done, at long last. Just done. Like Dean used to say, before he became a sobbing man-child.



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