I was never one to celebrate my own birthday. Honestly, it always felt kinda weird. It’s not like I did anything special? I was just born. Maybe we should be celebrating my mom, she was the one who gave birth and all…

My sis and I used to say “congrats, you survived another year,” to each other. Back when we were both equestrians, and I worked with dangerous horses, that was actually quite an accomplishment, however morbid it may sound. We kinda stopped doing that after Janis killed herself. Somehow it didn’t feel that amusing anymore.

I guess that what I’m saying is that, I know it may sound strange, but I really don’t like celebrating my birthday. Somehow, the fact that I am alive, and she is not, is just… Off. My sis and I never talked about it. That is the thing with us. We never had to. We just stopped joking about surviving. And we more or less, quit the equestrian world.

My boyfriend and I recently moved house, and as I was packing up my old place I found a note that Janis had written to me when we were teenagers. It was so weird, to actually have something with her handwriting on it. I guess that future generations won’t have that, since everything is electronic these days. Text messages, twitter, face book. None of it is suddenly going to appear when you are packing your old life into boxes…

Okay, V. Enough. Not what this post is about.

Right. So, it’s my birthday. And Apollon’s. You know, my baby horse, who died 5 years ago. Jeeze, 5 years? Where did time go?

Clearly I am incapable of writing a happy post about myself, so I am grateful that I have friends, who never fails to say just what I should have said, if I did not disappear into my darkness. Love you ❤

And well, since it is my birthday, I’m gonna ask for all of you to check out my e-books on Amazon, because they are free to download for the next couple of days.

Pretty, please?

The Starstone is dark fantasy, so heavy you can use it for working out…

I know. I would apologize for my lousy sense of humor. But, seriously though. Even my poetry collection, This Song, is super heavy. Don’t get fooled by its small size…

And yeah, I’m too fat, or too butch, to do pictures like these ones, but I don’t really care anymore. I guess that comes with age. I’m not here to impress anyone with my body.

I do, however, love to impress people with my crazy mind, so really, look up my books. The Starstone is my fantasy series, and The Legacy is a science/fantasy (sort of) squeal to the Starstone.

There is 5 books in the Starstone Series; The Hand of Fate, The Twins, The Crown Prince, The Unicorn’s Horn, and The Shadow of Time. It is adult literature all the way. But I guess that comes across pretty quickly…

hand of fate red front twins red front  crown prince red Cover Red Cover Red UK

The Legacy Series is also 5 books, but only 3 of them has been released so far; Rockstar, Time Lock, and Winterflame. Book 4, Torchlight, will be out sometime later this year.

IMG_1935 FRONT PINKsmall  IMG_1935 FRONT TIME LOCK final2   img_1935-front-winterflame

If this post didn’t scare you away, Surviving the Equestrian World, is not fiction. It is my life, with my horses, and yes, it is about my training methods as well, but you can easily read it, even if you are not an equestrian.

Cover Saleem

I know that I am holding the real books in the pictures, (honestly they were really heavy after a while…) and if you want them as paperback or hardcover, they can be found here;

They are not free though. The E-books are, right now. Go look up Veronica Merlin on Amazon. Now. Join the plastic generation.

No, seriously. Kindle is a great invention. And the books are the same, the words, the stories, are the same. Just free. Now. Go!

this song  front lulu


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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